Thursday, 10 March 2016

Hellavagirl AW16 - ‘The Birds’

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The inspiration for this collection came from a number of elements, so many Helen suddenly felt quite overwhelmed at the outset, then her goal was clear.

She is an avid Hitchcock fan and when she was feeling overwhelmed by inspiration and ideas she was suddenly transported to that fateful scene in The Birds, you can see quite obvious reference to this in the winged corsets, however the inspiration for her runs deeper. Helen wanted to depict emotions being set free. She wanted them to fly from the soul against restriction, therefore they are flying from the corsets something considered constrictive. The challenge as an acute dreamer is that her best is yet to come.

Photographer; Zuzia Zawada
Models: Ceci Zhang and Opor
MUA: Sarah Hubbauer
Hair: Jason Lee PadgeHair
Assistants: Charee Lees, Naomi Cunningham, Kirstie Smallwood