Sunday, 03 April 2016

Rings That I Will Be Rocking This Summer

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I’m sure you all have heard of celebrity jewellery designer Marianna Harutunian.

If you not then I am here to enlighten you Marianna has designed jewellery for many well-known celebrities, Justin Bieber in his younger days was featured in a magazine wearing a crown and helmet which Marianna designed, if I wasn’t a belieber before I am now because he obviously has great taste.

Other celebrities that have worn Marianna’s designs are Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kylie Jenner and the cast of the hit show ‘Pretty Little Liars’. I have just purchased a few of Marianna’s Henna Rings. I purchased four of these which were; the Antique Copper Plated, Silver Plated with Iridescent Crystals, Silver Plated with Clear Crystals and a Gold Plated one. I even treated myself to the Kylie Jenner Knuckle Ring.

Kylie was first seen wearing this ring at the Bellami Hair launch in Beverly Hills. The ring is available at for $19.99 and international shipping is available. Its Gold plated with Champagne Swarovski Crystals. What I love about all these rings are the fact that they are adjustable so they will fit most hand shapes and sizes.

While all of these rings are exquisite are enough to wear on a night out they are still elegant enough to work well when wearing them with casual outfits in the day. These are definitely the rings I will be rocking this summer. Marianna designs a variety of jewellery so go online and have a look to find your summer jewellery.