Tuesday, 03 May 2016

4 Tips to Store Your Fashion Accessories Smartly

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Jewelry, sports bags, shoes, make up, shades, watches! You have countless fashion items in your home, which you always want to be alive and kicking.

How can it be possible if you’re not appropriately storing your fashion accessories? Your fashion accessories really need some accessible but safe storage so that they may remain in their perfect shape. Here are a few tips you can practically apply to your fashion accessories effectively:

1. Secure Your Jewelry from Tarnishing

It’s common sense that you should have proper drawers and a safe to store your jewelry. However, your jewelry is worth more than that. As its material has oxidized metal, it can change its color when contaminated with chemicals and water. You should not be wearing them when you’re taking a bath or exercising. When you put it in your drawers, you need to wipe every piece of your jewelry before putting them in your drawers. You can use a soft tissue in order to keep its luster. You can also use toothpaste for wiping. After cleaning it, you need to wrap them with cotton or any white tissue so that it may not get tarnish.

2. Storing Your Fancy Sports Bags

Women always have more than one bag in their wardrobe. However, no matter whether you’re using all of your bags currently or not, you always need to wash and clean them, and don’t expose them to sunlight, alcohol and different kinds of solvent. You also need to clean it through inside and then store it on a shelf or closet. Your closet also needs to be taken care of as it can sometimes get contaminated with chemicals and other elements that can affect its outlook.

3. Bring Evergreen Shine in Your Shoes

Putting your shoes in the shoe rack does not mean that you have appropriately taken care of your shoes. Shoes need more care and protection than you may think of. You need to wrap your shoes in tissue paper and also have to use a damp cloth on your shoes after using them. However, it is important that you use your shoes even for a while; otherwise it can get peeled if not used for long period of time.

4. Care for Your Bright and Sunny Shades

In order to store your bright and sunny shades, you don’t need to choose the easy way out. You have to use professional lens cleaner if you don’t want to damage your lens any time soon and then store it in some rack where they are out of reach from children. In case, you don’t have a professional lens cleaner, you can also use a piece of wet cloth (using warm water) and a liquid soap to shine your shades.

Don’t let your fashion accessories dry automatically. Store them with care!