Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mobs Clothing For Young Men

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One of the main reasons that I love being a Mother to girls is that finding clothes for them to wear is so easy.

I envy my friends that have boys when it is time to do their hair but when it comes to shopping for clothes I do not envy them one bit. Why is it so difficult to find clothes for teenage boys? As I pride myself on being a good friend I found a clothing brand called MOBS LONDON that my friend can look at for her boys. They are a London based company that actually specialises in clothes and other products for young men. What an amazing find, even if I do say so myself.

Mobs was set up so that young men just like young ladies have a selection of products available for them to buy as we need are young men dressed well too. While MOBS LONDON were doing their research on this matter they discovered that most of the products aimed at young men are either novelty or technology based, for the young men addicted to the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” this would be great but there are other young men out there.

MOBS LONDON set out to make some exclusive apparel for young men and this is exactly what they did. I was gifted with a few T-shirts, Beanie hat, Bucket hat and I-pad case. I gave these to my Godson to try out and he loves them. Every time he has worn an item of their clothing he has uploaded the picture onto his Instagram account so all his friends can see.

All their clothing is made from quality products that have been carefully sourced. If you want to make the younger men in your life happy and stylish then shop at