Saturday, 25 June 2016

Style Tips for Festivals - Glastonbury

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The festival season is in full swing now that the Glastonbury is here with us.

What makes this part of the summer lovable is the fashion epic that comes with it. People get time to experiment with their wardrobes, as they showcase all things suede, glitters, denim, and feathers. During this time, there are no rules pertaining to fashion and this poses some pros and cons at the same time. It is not a requirement that you love everyone’s festival but you will be forced to respect it.
The following are the style tips to get your fashion trends outfit for the festivals.

Own creativity

With this season, you don’t have to necessarily buy new pieces to get your outfit together. You can try out with your summer clothes, for instance, you can get your old pairs of jeans and t-shirts, whether crocheted, tie and die, or printed and be creative with them. You can accessorize them with your statement jewelry, oversized rings, chunky necklaces or even all feathered accessories which cab just be as perfect for the occasion. You can utilize this opportunity to create outfits and play dress ups, the ones that you cannot be able to wear in everyday life.

Clothing for the weather

2016 has influenced the return of the 70’s fashion so don’t get amazed and scream away, just embrace it and get funky. Round lenses glasses, patterned glasses, fringe detailing are just some of the huge wins here. If you are lucky enough to hold your festivals in some hot and exotic places, you will not need any jackets and outer wears. However, if you are planning to stay in the UK, then you will have to budget for the jackets, waterproofs, and other outer wears. This season also calls for detailed jackets, suede tussles but they are not massively practical, the waterproof is what you need if you get stuck in a heavy downpour.


The most popular festival makeup is nude, brown and dark shades. Some simple shadows to along with Kylie Jenner’s brown lipstick are perfect. Also, the burgundy red and dark purple lipstick will make you look sexier. When looking for the fashion trends outfit and makeup, be careful and get the look that is appropriate for your age.

Don’t panic if you haven’t prepared for the festive yet. Just check your wardrobe for something that you can work with. In case you don’t find any, there are many websites nowadays where you can source what you want and they can organize the same day delivery for you.