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7 Beauty Looks You'll Be Wearing This Autumn

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How quickly summer flies! Don’t forget that as the season changes to a chillier, colder environment, it’s time to take stock of your skincare products and cosmetics.

This is also the perfect time to look up ideas on how you can update your styling prowess to match the new changes in fashion and styling.

While making sure you keep your collagen production levels high with the support of a peptide-enriched anti-aging cream such as Derma Promedics, here are 7 beauty looks and makeup ideas trending this Autumn that you should get to know about now:

1. Dark plum lips on goddess, no makeup look. Combine the sheerness of a nude eye palette, softly made up eyebrows, and lightly blushed cheeks with the deep, rich, strong color of deep plum lips. Tie up your hair maiden style, throw in the floral accessories or metallic head bands if you prefer too. This look matches the highly elaborate brocade designs you are bound to see more of in this new season in fashion.

2. Matte black nails with silver or gold powder. One of the coolest trends to hit this season is matte black nails that are either completely topped with silver or gold powder or, designed using a silver or gold power. Get your nails trendy with this season’s most prevalent style — the metallics. Wear it with your metallic shirts, dresses or pants. Top with a bold blazer or black leather jacket, and be ready to knock out every look you got from casual to formal!

3. Gold or silver glitters on nude eyelids. Gold and silver are this season’s trendiest clothing and cosmetics colors. Bring the metallic trend to your face simply by topping off your nude makeup with a gold or silver glitter eye makeup. You can even highlight your lips with these. Use a creamy textured satin lipstick to line your pout with. Use your fingers to pick up gold or silver glitters then dab the glitters on the highest points of your lips for a sexy, unabashed highlight.

4. Bohemian / milkmaid. What seems likely to still be taking off from the continued popularity of the Game of Thrones are the braids. This season, you can continue to sport those braids some more. Half braids and side braids are growing in popularity. Combine your braids with other trendy hair accessories this season — velvet ribbons, hair laces and leather knots to go Boheme, milkmaid or even Pocahontas style. Pair these with your fringed pants, blouses, dresses or bags.

5. Nothing but black eyeliners on. This season, you can forget about everything else but line your eyes with black eyeliners. Don’t use gel for this season’s trend rather, use eye pencil to line your eyelids with — no need for straight, stringent, perfect lines. Keep the lines smooth. Arch your brows a little and dab a light lip color.

6. Baby Blue eyelids. The trend that Chanel started on its Summer 2016 runway persists in Autumn. Start with a flawless skin complexion by working up a sheer, lightweight cover up but refrain from layering too much products. Line your eyelids with concealer to hold your eye color and texturize it. Take an eye powder or bulky eye pencil in baby blue. Color from your waterline all the way to the top of your eye fold. Then, feel free to take the color way past the corners of your eyes. Line your under eyelids with the same color. Use a highlighter to color your tear glands for added drama.

7. Old English courtesan. The no makeup look will continue to be the most coveted look this season. So, make sure to stuck up on your Derma Promedics or another anti-aging products because this particular look wouldn’t be possible if you have unhealthy, flawed skin. Braided hair or twisted buns, soft curls accentuated with metallic head bands that comes with just a light cheek brush will turn an already beautiful face into lovely. This look will most likely grow to become among the makeup ideas that knows no season so you should already develop your own way of getting this look done on you.

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There is no shortage of fashionable, trendy looks for you to wear and learn this season. The first requirement, it seems, is honest-to-goodness clear, healthy and naturally beautiful skin. So, invest on the skincare part, and the rest will surely follow.

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