Tuesday, 01 November 2016

Diwah – Creating Jewellery Online

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When it comes to wearing jewellery I like to wear something different from what others are wearing.

I like to stand out from the crowd. I like to wear jewellery that makes a statement about how I feel that day. The only way that this is possible is to design it myself. DIWAH is an online jewellery service that allows you to design your own bespoke pieces.

It is a great site to buy jewellery for your children that do not want to have the same look as their other siblings. Shopping online at DIWAH can really make your online shop easier and is quite fun. You can even design your own piece of jewellery for your family or friends to buy your for a Birthday or Christmas present, this way you know exactly what you are getting but it does not ruin that special experience of receiving a gift.

When I was given the opportunity to give it a go myself I jumped at the chance, my only problem was that I wanted to design too many pieces and use all their beads. There was too much for me to choose from. I was like a kid in a candy store.

After looking at necklaces that had been designed already I chose one called ‘Navajo Love’ as when I saw it I knew it would be perfect for a friend of mine and I picked a beautiful red bracelet with a charm to go with it.

Anyone who loves jewellery should try the design your own jewellery service from DIWAH, which allows you to be creative and select the style of necklace, length and number of chains. You can also select semi-precious beads and luxe elements to use in your piece. DIWAH allows you to create your own unique piece.

Do not worry because the process is simple you select the type of necklace you want and the editor will open allowing you to browse all the beads and luxe elements to create your piece. The range of materials, shapes, colours and size. You can pick what you want to use and then rearrange them. Prices depend on what you use in your piece so you will always be able to find something affordable.