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5 Adorable Outfits To Charm Your Man On New Year's Eve

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Thinking of coming up under the Christmas tree as Santa Baby or with sparklers across your chest? Could be charming but it ain’t original.

Plus you’re also risking the fact that your man may find it too graphic or too suggestive. How about being subtly sexy and adorable? It might just work better.

Besides trying on seductive makeup ideas, give these 5 irresistible outfits a chance to capture your man’s gaze and not give it a chance to slip away:

1. Slip in, zip down dress. A woman’s shoulders, neck and collar bones are three of the assets a man finds most sexy and seductive in a woman’s body. Put your assets to work for your advantage. Besides treating your man to your voluptuous curves and showing silky skin on your arms and legs, show off your sexy bones too.

Take inspiration from the 2016 runway shows of Oscar dela Renta. See how elegant the asymmetrical dress pieces and how sophisticated the brocade tube dresses are presented. You want to invite that level of femininity to your New Year styling. That’s how you chic up for your man.

2. Tailored power suit. Put on the newest, trendiest, most seductive ensemble of the season. Wear a mega magnitude dose of power and confidence to put your man under your spell and instruction, and he won’t be able to say, ‘No’. Put on an elegant pair of low, v-neck cut tailored blazer with matching pants or hot pants. Play up the festive feel of the season by incorporating sequins or bright and shiny stones on your power suit.

If you want to keep it simple but sinful, leave the front blazer open, showing nothing but metallic bra strings paired with long metallic chain necklaces hanging from your neck or zigzagging across you chest. Sexy and chic! Check out how Bella Thorne wore her hot pants at the AMAs.

3. Low back romper pants or shorts. Want something even more subtle sexy? How about letting the back of your romper pants or shorts hang loose from your lower back? A scoop to give him a peep on your sexy buttocks will guarantee his hands are going to be all over you all night — Girl, you two might not even be around anymore for the New Year countdown!

Makeup ideas that give you dramatic, expressive eyes will enhance your sultry look even more. Play up with high heeled pumps to push up your behind some more, keep your chest out and your back straight. Work it, baby, work it!

4. Sequinned dress. One of the all-time, most festive choices you can wear on New Year’s Eve is a sequinned dress — bright, glittery and shiny. It’s a certified bringer of good luck and will deliver your man directly under your spell, and you won’t even need the magical fireworks when the calendar turns 2017 to cast it.

While plained sequinned dresses are alright, that’s what they are — plain — nothing more. For a one-of-a-kind New Year’s eve he won’t forget, be unforgettable in a uniquely, beautifully different sequinned dress by making sure there’s some print incorporated into it. Get inspired by the breathtaking Topshop Flower Sequinned Dress which comes so inexpensively wonderful at just US$ 170.

5. Cropped top and long, thigh-high slit skirt ensemble. Make it one slit cutting through each of your satin silky legs. Keep it chic and womanly by going for sheer, flowy skirt and a structured cropped top. If Clinique sunscreen reviews have been within your radar for some time, you must still be sporting a nice, golden tan even when the cold weather has already set in. Allow your man to cover you up in his coat which you’ll let hang loose over your shoulders.

Complete your goddess look by putting on high-heeled ankle-strapped sandals. Accessorize with arm bands, chunky necklace, and pull back your hair. Make sure you’ll have sultry makeup on to turn up the intensity of your fantastic look several notches up some more. This outfit will make you command gravity that will make him helpless moving in closer to you.


Charming your man on New Year’s Eve or any other time requires creativity and imagination, one that’s uniquely yours to exude. It’s your unique stance and appearance that will make you hard to resist but it will be also about your personality and confidence that’s going to leave a good impression.

Styling Sequins (see video below)

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