Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Ways to Liven up Your Outfit

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Spending a lot of time trying on new outfits can often be quite a tedious and time-consuming process.

You may start thinking that everything you put on just doesn't look good enough and this can be quite disheartening. There can be a variety of reasons for this - which range from your shoes not going with the colour of your jeans or it can maybe feel like your outfit is looking a little bit dull. This article aims to help you in making sure you know the top 5 ways you can liven up your outfit.


Make-up is certainly one of the greatest ways for a woman to make her outfit look and feel and livelier. However, it is important that this is done to a high standard as when make-up is applied poorly it can actually make the outfit look worse. Therefore, you should try and use brighter shades that won't look out of place with the rest of your outfit. So a good idea can be to wear a red lipstick along with casual winter outfits which incorporate bomber jackets, jeans and trainers, this adds a nice splash of colour to your look and makes sure that your outfit doesn't just fade into the background.


There is no doubt that accessories are imperative when you are wanting to make your outfit stand out more, and jewelry is certainly the best accessory going. A great choice for jewelry is to go with the current trend of having multiple layers of each piece. For instance, you can go for multiple necklaces or a number of bangles that can either sit by your elbow or on your wrist. Another great idea is to glam yourself up by wearing pearls or diamonds.

Bright Colours

This is certainly one of the simpler ways of making your outfit stand out, but it can be just as effective as any of the other 4 options. You should try and venture away from the more neutral colours such as beige, black or white and instead go for colours which are more eye catching such as pink, blue, green or red. The reason for this is that these colours will make your outfit more noticeable and definitely make them seem livelier. As with the make-up, you don't want to overdo with it too much colour so you should try and just wear a brightly coloured top along with some darker coloured jeans.
Hair style

Your hair style can be something which is difficult to make up every day, but if you have some kind of special occasion coming up - you can guarantee your outfit will seem much livelier if your hair is looking beautiful. For instance, if your hair is always kept tied back on a normal day-to-day basis, you can try maybe put it down on the weekend and add some curls to it.


A good handbag can often be the deciding factor in making an outfit a plain one or one that is a stand-out choice. This can be the case for a daytime outfit or a night time outfit. Firstly, with the daytime outfit, you may choose to go for a larger handbag as you would probably have more items that you need to carry around with you. When it comes to outfits for the night, you will probably be wearing some kind of dress - therefore, you should try wear a nice clutch bag as a way to liven your outfit up.