Monday, 03 April 2017

What to Wear to Royal Ascot

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Get your diaries out ready, clear the 20th-24th June and pencil in Royal Ascot – one of the most exciting events in the racing calendar.

Despite the horses taking centre stage, it’s fashion that gets everyone talking. It’s vital that you get the perfect outfit for the day.

Following a strict dress code, most men opt for a sharp-cut suit, whilst the ladies float around the racecourse in an elegant dress with eye catching fascinators. With the opportunity of being papped, some attendees spend months planning their outfits. Here, Daniel Footwear explains what you should and shouldn’t be wearing this year, depending on which ticket you buy:

Royal Enclosure Dress Code

If you’re lucky enough to be a member of the Royal Enclosure, you’ll have the strictest dress code to follow. Here’s our round-up of the main dos and don’ts:

• Formal daywear.
• Knee-length or longer dresses.
• Dresses and tops with straps that are 1-inch wide or larger.
• Full-length trouser suits.
• Hats, although a headpiece that has a solid base of 10cm or more in diameter is also accepted.

• Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck and spaghetti strap styles.
• Show your midriff.
• Fascinators and headpieces with a base of less than 10cm.

Queen Ann Enclosure Dress Code

Booked your spot at the Queen Ann Enclosure? Here’s how you should dress:

• Formal wear.
• Wear a hat, fascinator or other headpiece at all times
• Only wear trousers if they are full-length.

• Strapless or sheer dresses and tops.
• Shorts.
• Show your midriff.

Windsor Enclosure

With a more relaxed dress code, the Windsor Enclosure isn’t as strict, but you are expected to stick to formal attire to make sure you look the part.

For the ladies, a dress is pretty much a fail-safe choice, but choose wisely to ensure you fit the bill. You should keep things elegant – normally avoiding neon colours, cut-out panels and sheer detailing. Less is more here. Avoid flashing too much flesh and keep your look sophisticated.

Royal Ascot takes part in the summer, so dress for the season. Pastel colours and floral prints are a great choice to accompany the sunshine. A chic midi dress that grazes over your knee offers plenty of potential for co-ordinating your accessories.

Heels are a must – avoid flat shoes and dress up with a classy mid-height heel as you will be standing or walking around for most of the day. Comfort is allowed to influence some of your decisions. You don’t want to be wandering around bare footed because you opted for sky-scraping stilettos that you can only walk in for an hour.

A fascinator or a hat is vital to finishing off your outfit. Choose a colour that either matches your dress, or contrasts while matching up with some of your accessories. Accessories are just as important as your dress for bringing the outfit together.