Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sportsluxe: Women’s Biggest Trend for 2017

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This year style has made its way into our gym wardrobes, and now the athleisure look is HUGE.

So ladies expect nothing less than people sporting leggings and track jackets in lieu of dresses and jeans as the weather starts to become more enjoyable. Now that people are essentially choosing comfort over fashion, there has been a serious gap in the market and the birth of a more luxury sportswear alternative has been on the cards. Now you can achieve the “just stepped off the runway and heading to the gym” look that everybody is going crazy for.

The Runway’s Style Predictions:

Models everywhere have been sporting the stylish “easy elegance” “comfy yet cool” look, which ranges from sporting tennis skirts, leggings and track jackets, which brings a little bit of fun to the somewhat predictable and boring fashion of everyday wear. It can be argued that the main reason that luxury sportswear is becoming more and more popular in 2017 is because people are tired of boring and uncomfortable clothing which is great because it means the more brands and designs that lean towards comfort and style the more variety we have to play with.   

Luxury Footwear:

Trainers have been in the style spotlight for quite some time now, and they show no sign of going away. Celebrities and models have been swapping their complicated, blister-creating heels for trendy trainers at loads of different events, and now it’s time for us to follow their lead. Imagine how much better a night out would be if you didn’t have to discomfort of wearing heels?? Some of the biggest trainer brands, like Nike and New Balance, are being swapped for customised and stylish alternatives from the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Android Homme, who offer a luxurious twist on a sportswear classic.

Where it All Began:

Adidas are cashing in with sportsluxe collaborations and are capitalising on celebrity affiliations (good on them!). Stella McCartney has been one of the key influencers on women’s luxury sportswear fashion, and has created with Adidas to create a critically acclaimed sportswear collection. The collection features gear for the gym, running, swimming, and yoga.

One of their most famous collaborations has been with the musician Kanye West, to create luxury footwear range. The Yeezy trainer collection has been a huge success worldwide and with all of these collaborations and the growing interest in luxury sportswear, there is no knowing how far sportsluxe is going to go for women over the coming months.