Thursday, 20 April 2017

100 Hail Marys SS/17 limited edition hand-printed clothing and art works 

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100 Hail Marys

The collection now on their website consists of ten hand-printed and spray painted item line up, all of which are limited to 100 pieces.

All designs produced by 100 Hail Marys will follow the ‘limited to 100’ rule with new releases being added to their site on a regular basis. The clothing range is designed and created by the founder in East London and each piece varies slightly due to the flow of the ink applied, making each one unique.

This limited edition model has been designed to create exclusivity and allows the brand to create reactive designs to an ever adapting society and fast paced industry. Brand followers will instantly recognise a 100HM piece by the distinctive but discreet cross logo positioned on the back of the clothing. Each item comes with a branded certificate stating the number in which it appeared in production, out of 100. All art works are also limited to 100 and are created, signed and numbered by the founder. With a strong focus on current society and culture the first series of designs are comprised of sweatshirts, t-shirts, accessories and art works. The range of clothing is centred around honest and frank statements, which are designed to stand out as bold messaging.

Christian Gould, founder and Creative Director of 100 Hail Marys talks about the debut collection: “I’m basically a college dropout and had friends coming back to London with their uni sweatshirts, stating they were part of some society or another. It felt like a select club that I wasn’t part of and April 2017

that stuck with me. I wanted to create a clothing concept that I could relate to, something more familiar to my own experiences. The University of the New Arts range was born, but with Alumni that got tattoos, tagged walls, that sort of thing. I think I’ve created an honest, alternative range of clubs for people to wear proudly and boldly.”

The designer has been experimenting with spray paint, stencils, screen printing and various other art mediums for almost twenty years and his professional experience covers a variety of creative disciplines including typography, illustration, brand, digital and product design.

Christian comments “I have always attempted to push boundaries with my designs and work across mediums. It now makes sense that I take that leap and present my work not just as art but displayed on clothing too. Each limited edition piece I create is unique in the sense of letting the paint flow and fall.”

As well as a clothing range, 100HM present art works existing as a series of three female icons that have been spray painted in the colours of their national flags: Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Marlene Dietrich. The series simply captures the striking beauty of these three iconic personalities in stencilled spray paint, all created by the 100HM founder. Each one is numbered as consistent with the limited edition clothing and signed by the artist.

All 100HM products are available through the recently launched website. Christian Gould is currently working on the next designs, continuing to take influence from urban society and his surroundings of London.