Sunday, 18 June 2017

3 Up and coming designers for summer 2017

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It is true that fashion designers will release their latest collection at least an entire season ahead of when the same items will be sold in major department stores around the world.

If you shop a season ahead, you will pay top dollar for the newest trends. If you shop when the clothing hits the stores, you can likely find great items for a fraction of the cost which saves you money and you still look good! If you are looking to invest in a new summer wardrobe or a couple of new pieces of designer clothing, this article will likely be of great interest to you. This article will highlight several up and coming fashion designers in the summer of 2017.

1. Bao Bao. This fashion house claims a postal address in Japan and is becoming more well known as the days pass. This designer has created unique, vibrant, and versatile tote bags, wallets, and handbags for the cosmopolitan woman. Featured in a gorgeous matte pink with black detail, this handbag has an inside pocket that is perfect for storing loose change, business cards, or a tube of lipstick. Don’t worry about the length of the tote straps as you can make them longer or shorter with the adjustable handles. Made in Japan with high quality materials such as brass, polyester, nylon, and polyvinyl chloride, you will certainly love this bag. If you prefer to match all of your accessories, be sure to invest in the wallet as well!

2. Ganni. This up and coming brand is of Danish descent and is highly regarded as a fun-loving designer with creative threads for young and old alike. Elle Magazine noted that Ganni is particularly highly regarded by many due to their relatively affordable price tag, fun patterns and cool prints. If you are interested in more of a casual look this summer, the Ganni line will likely be of interest to you. Graphic tees are their speciality but they also offer some girly dresses if that is more of your speed.

3. The Vampire’s Wife. Located in London, this brand is mostly known for their appearances on the Hollywood red carpet. The fashion house was founded by designer Susie Cave and boasts vintage florally inspired dresses that are delicate and feminine. In fact, this past winter, Ruth Negga donned a beautiful frock by the fashion house. These gowns are typically worn by actresses or other A-list celebrities around the world. Perfect for when you want to look feminine and classy.

There are new designers and fashion houses hitting the design circuit every season. Keeping up with these new looks and brands can be quite a challenge but can also be an enjoyable endeavor. If you are frequently in attendance at fashion shows every season, you have likely seen the work of Bao Bao, Ganni, and The Vampire’s Wife. If you do not get to participate in such luxuries, we are proud that we could bring you trendy information so that you can dress accordingly during the summer months of 2017.