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Tahra Nketia

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Tahra Nketia Tahra Nketia

Tahra Nketia comes from a family of seamstresses and designers most notably her grandmother and aunt who had a huge influence in her formative years. Tahra's first design experience came in the form of designing mini couture collections for her Barbie dolls as a child. Tahra was also heavily influenced by the glamorous black and white movies and shows of the 70’s such as Charlie's angels, which she would watch obsessively dreaming up her of adaptations to what was on screen.

Tahra Nketia later studied at LCCA before branching out to start her own label and follow her dreams.

Tahra has strong ethical and environmental beliefs and well as being a staunch advocate for the empowerment of less economically privileged people. She first started out designing having the designs sewn by under privileged seamstresses in Ghana. Going forward Tahra hopes to reintroduce this initiative to further develop the brands ethical ethos.

Within a year of the brands inception it has gained notoriety through numerous social media outlets such as popular blog Baller Alert. The brand has designed for the host of Hermes crazy carre event, social media celebrities including NFL player Cam Newton's fiancé Kia Proctor as well as a host of other online personalities.

Tahra Nketia's pieces tend to be opulent, embellished and heavily beaded. They are differentiated by her unique choice of fabrics and stunning designs.

The collection Tahra will be presenting at Fashion Finest SS18 LFW shall continue the theme of intricate, heavily embellished yet delicate women’s wear. She will also be introducing pieces from her menswear, some inspired by Art Deco.


  • Comment Link Ian McCann MRPS - Photographer/Filmmaker Tuesday, 01 August 2017 06:55 posted by Ian McCann MRPS - Photographer/Filmmaker

    Why shoot luxury fashion on a bored looking model lurking in a grubby and dull stairwell?

    So many designers skimp on good photography and make their work look terrible.

  • Comment Link Ian McCann Monday, 31 July 2017 18:16 posted by Ian McCann

    When a designer offers luxury products they must understand that a terrible snap shot of a bored looking model in a dirty stairwell detracts from their work.

    Fashion photography is an art form to enhance the demand for the products and to help the designer establish an elevated brand to grow their business success.

    So why do so many designers make such negative choices of photographs to publish their work? They destroy their chances of make in a success of their business to save a few thousand dollars.


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