Thursday, 10 August 2017

What Does Your Style Say About You?

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We are fortunate enough to be living in a world where there is a style, following or outfit choice to suit any mood we may have and to perfectly match the person we are.

Surprisingly, our fashion choices say a lot about our personalities, and in 2017 some of the biggest trends actually cater for the predominant personalities in our societies. Here are five of the biggest trends and what they say about you as a person.

The Bohemian

The bohemian look really channels into that Summer festival vibe. If you’re somebody who can’t resist floral and floaty dresses and love to dance around in a field to your favourite band, then you could easily fall into the category of the “Bohemian”. This means that you’re an easy breezy, fun loving individual, who lives for those long Summer months. You feel most at home when you’re covered in glitter, mud and clad in a beautiful floaty tea dress. Some of your wardrobe staples are chunky boots, chunky jewellery and anything that has a beautiful floral design. Although anybody can put on a floral dress, not everybody can be a bohemian, this is more of a way of life and outlook, as opposed to a style.

The Sporty

The definition of “tomboy” or “sporty” is being redefined in 2017. This used to be a phrase that was used to categorise and shame those who expressed their femininity in different and more subtle nuances. Instead of being associated with masculinity and any negative connotations, we are taking charge and redefining the phrase to suit the more chilled out and sporty clothing styles. Women should be able to celebrate their style and personality, femininity exudes from individuality, and individuality extends to all corners of personal style. The tomboy style can mean that you’re extremely easy going, ready for anything and love spontaneity. You will often be found in sportswear and find excitement in the latest pair of luxury trainers or sports collection that is released. To achieve this look, you can be seen in the latest pair of Android Homme trainers, Yeezys and Adidas tracksuits.

The Relaxed

Those weekdays can stretch on forever, and dressing up is often left for those special occasions and the weekends. The relaxed style lives within a little bit of all of us, there’s always a point in our lives where we want to take a break from the hustle and bustle and live a relaxed life. Why bother making yourself feel uncomfortable for the sake over everyday fashion, when instead you can opt for a more comfortable style. The relaxed look is perfect for a cosy night in, or a walk in the park with your dog… and if your personality fits in with this look, then these activities will be your idea of a perfect evening.

The Rocker

The rocker style screams that you love to live life on the edge. Instead of shying away from life, you like to grab it by the horns. The rocker is the most mysterious and edgy style of them all, and if you gravitate towards this style, then you are most likely to live up to the crazy rock and roll reputation. If you have a little bit of a wild side, then this style is something you should try out.