Sunday, 13 August 2017

How to Stay Fashionable at the Gym

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More often than not, searching for that perfect gym gear that will provide good support, ensure you get a quality workout while NOT looking like something that got caught in the drain resembles a quest for the Holy Grail.

It seems like, when it comes to exercise attire, we simply can’t have it all – functional and fashionable don’t seem to intertwine in the gym world. Well, after some careful research and some serious digging, we have managed to grab the elusive; workout gear that is both stylish and ‘does the job’ at keeping everything in place, so stay tuned and discover our picks.

The Most Challenging Of Them All

If you’re a gal who prefers working out in her sports bra and not be constrained by additional layers, you are well-aware that the struggle is real. There are trillions of sports bras out there, and like goldilocks, finding the one that’s just right is almost mission impossible. They’re either cute but offer zero support, or very supportive but completely devoid of stylishness. After endless scouting, the perfect mix of style and support has been found. The Solow Workout Bra is definitely our pick, and here’s why: the straps are super cute (and wide) and the cut of the bra is evoking of the retro vibe that will make you feel like a pin up model. The cups are lightly padded and have underwires, and let’s face it, we gals know how important these are for support.

Top It Off

If you’re not keen on the idea of showing so much skin, and a great top is, well, top priority, we’ve got an incredible solution for you and it’s the super-adorable Amanda Tank by Free People, that’s super functional but also kind of sexy due to the strategically placed back cut-outs. To keep things classy, the neckline is high, so there won’t be any extra exposure, and you’ll prevent the ‘girls’ from coming out during strenuous exercise.

All About The Feet

Second only to the search for the perfect sports bra is the search for a pair of workout trainers that aren’t ugly. Let’s call a spade a spade, most trainers are simply hideous. The colours, the fabric, sure, they might be excellent in terms of functionality, but gosh darn it, do they have to make them so unsightly? Again, after what seems like an eternity, the perfect pair of trainers has been found. The brand in question is RyderWear, and you can’t but fall in love with the sleek and simple design that’s both flattering and offers great sole and ankle support.

Bottoms up!

When you’re at the gym, yoga class or just getting your morning jog on, you of course want to show off your great legs, and yoga pants and legs are a match made in heaven. If your workout regimen is something that entails plenty of movement, the Nike Epic Lux running tights are just what the fashion guru ordered. They come in a range of dark shades, and our favourite is maroon, because let’s face it, grey is plain dull. However, if you are a dedicated runner, you might want to turn to something with high compression and with a stay-put waistband. If that’s the case, then equally (or even more) stylish are the Under Armour Women's heatgear capri pants, which are super tight and aside from staying put, they make the booty look fabulous.

Style Enhancers

Sure, you’re all covered in the attire department, but there are a few things missing to complete the gym look. You’ll need a killer playlist to go on your super-cute iPod. Next in line are the cute wristbands that serve as accessories but are also your saviour because you’ll need something to dab that sweat with. A tinted lip balm never hurt nobody, and you should look alluring even when you’re breaking out a sweat. Finally, you need a killer gym bag in which to make both a grand entrance as well as exit. The best possible choice, hands down is the Marc Jacobs D1 Packable Duffle. It’s big enough to fit all your stuff, and if you’ve been keeping an eye on all the fashion weeks, you’ll know that stripes are back and better than ever, so stripe up and be voted best dressed at the gym.