Thursday, 17 August 2017

Latest Fashion Trends & Tips For Teens

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Looking good does not have to only come from your complexion or skin color as you also need to invest in proper clothing to attain that stylish and classy look as well.

One thing to note though buying real clothes is not hard for girls only as boys still face the same challenge. From buying the right fit, the trendy outfits and also the right patterns, it is not easy for any teen as you will need to pay attention to particular details.

Here are 5 simple fashion tips

1. Crop Tops

Crop tops are a stylish and comfortable option for ladies. First of all, they come in different styles such as short sleeved and also long sleeved.You can easily pair your crop top with a jeans or shorts, and you will be ready to go.

2. Rompers

Rompers are becoming more and more popular with the ladies. They can be worn just about anywhere and are suitable for most occasions. Also I think most ladies will agree that they are pretty darn comfy.

3. Leggings

Most girls will agree than leggings are potentially the comfiest type of bottoms you can wear.

With a right fit of jeans, believe me, you will have all the boys staring at you. Leggings are great for showing off the curves you worked so hard for. You can pair the look with a hoodie, a shirt or a t-shirt as well. Another benefit of leggings is that you can pair them with most types of shoes such as canvas, sneakers, office shoes and also boots.

4. Cardigans

This is another look that can give you both office and casual looking depending on what you pair the look with. For example, if you want to attain an official look, you can pair your cardigan with a shirt and an office trouser. For those attending classes or just a night out with your buddies, you can pair a jeans waistcoat with a T-shirt and some jeans pants or with a casual shirt as well.

5. Short Shorts

Who said shorts are supposed to be worn for the beaches only? Well, that is not the case as shorts are a cool trend for the ladies who don't mind showing off some legs. You can opt for different length depending on the look you want to achieve. Some of the places that you can wear a short to are the movies, to a picnic date or even to a drinks night out with your friends. You can also wear a short while relaxing at home too. There's never an inappropriate time to wear short shorts… unless of course it’s cold out.

So if you are looking forward to shopping with your friends, click here to learn some fashion styles and trends for guys teens.