Tuesday, 22 August 2017

How to Always Look Great at the Gym

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Going to the gym may seem too hard work on its own, let alone thinking about what to wear while pumping iron.

However, the sportswear you opt for will highly influence the effects of your workout, as well as how you feel while you’re breaking a sweat. Therefore, if you haven’t paid much attention to your gym outfit before, it’s time you started dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Comfort is crucial at the gym. Any clothing item that itches, pinches and causes discomfort will only make the workout less effective. A well-fitting sports bra under a loose-fitting shirt and curve-hugging yoga pants are some of the best choices. For those who like to expose their well-sculptured midriff, just go with a crop top to show off the toned abs. A track jacket over an inner tee is a good option for those who like to layer the outfit. The choice of bottoms can also be quite diverse, so you can pick anything from sweats through yoga pants to tights and athletic shorts. If you prefer cardio exercises the most, shorts will be the best pick since you’ll be sweating a lot.

Pay Attention To Colours And Fabrics

A gym is a public place just like your favourite restaurant or a coffee shop, so it’s essential that you look stylish. Therefore, pick neutral sportswear colours to match the bold patterns. Don’t go for too eccentric patterns and shades; instead, opt for a black, grey or neon top, and pair it with black bottoms. Invest in fabrics that will allow you to sweat, bend, move, and lift freely. Avoid denim, polyester and vinyl that don’t let your skin breathe, and opt for bamboo, cotton, or artificial fibers specially designed for workouts.

Pick Up The Hair

Long hair can pose a great problem unless you pick it up during the workout. Don’t let it hang free, or you’ll end up with an annoying mess, that can only impede your vision, and get in the way of a good workout. Sometimes, loose hair can get stuck in the exercise equipment, possibly leading to serious injuries. Therefore, make sure you always have the hair picked up in a braid, a ponytail, a bun or some other do that fits your taste. You can also use a bandana, if you want to be practical and fashionable at the same time.

Guidelines For Men

One of the most important clothing rules for men is to always wear a breathable, comfortable and functional top. Moreover, colours are imperative as well, so it’s good to stick to the good old black, grey and navy blue. When it comes to bottoms be sure to invest in comfy men’s gym shorts made of modern moisture-wicking fabrics for the ultimate comfort and function. What’s more, avoid too short shorts, and only go with those that are just above the knee-length.

Useful Accessories

A handy gym bag is simply a must. With all the spare clothes, a towel, a water bottle, spare training shoes and all those little girly stuff you can’t imagine leaving the house without, a gym bag will be your lifesaver. To make the workout even more enjoyable, be sure to have an armband with you, so you can store your phone inside, and enjoy the music while you’re breaking a sweat.

Dressing for the gym is as important as dressing for any other occasion, so you should always look fabulous while working out. It’s essential that your clothes are comfortable in order to get the maximum efficiency. Go for cotton and stay away from polyester and vinyl. Avoid see-through fabrics and choose neutral colours instead. Always have your hair up, for both security and style, and invest in gym accessories to make staying at the gym as much fun as possible.