Thursday, 31 August 2017

Choosing the Right Coat for You

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Naturally, now that the weather is getting a bit more changeable, a lot of you are going out and buying new coats and jackets.

So, now is a good time to look at how to buy one that suits you and flatters your shape.

Tall and skinny

If you have a long body a tailored coat is the way to go. One that finishes just above the knees always looks nice, but mid-thigh coats can work too. If you cannot pick up a tailored coat, pick one with a belt instead. You can use this to accentuate your waist to give yourself a shapelier look.

Hourglass Figures

Belted coats are also a good choice for those with hourglass figures. They will help you to show off your curves. Military style coats look especially good on this type of woman. Think double rows of buttons and epaulets. Trench coats look especially good on women with hourglass figures.

Curvy Women

If you have a particularly curvy figure, opt for a shorter coat. One that finishes at the top of the thighs will work particularly well. This is especially the case if it is belted.

Opt for double breasted coats and jackets whenever you can. Ideally, you want the two sides of the coat to wrap over each other. This stops you from nearly bursting out of your coat every time you fold your arms or have to reach for something. Short wrap coats are a particularly good option for curvier women.

Coats For Hippy Women

For women who have generously proportioned hips, a coat that flairs out from the waist is a very good option. This cut skims over the hip area and allows enough room for you to sit down, even when the coat is buttoned up from top to bottom. Again, look for something with a belt. This will help to define your waist and give you a more feminine silhouette. A trench coat with a peplum bottom would be ideal for a hippy woman.

Coats For Petite Figures

Petite women have to be particularly careful when shopping for a winter coat. The way most coats are cut means that they can easily overwhelm someone with a smaller frame. They tend to hang awkwardly, so never really look great. For this reason, it really is worth shopping with a retailer that makes clothes that are specifically designed for petite women.

If you do decide to buy one from a regular retailer be sure to try it on and work out what adjustments would need to be made to make it fit properly. Having the sleeves shortened, the waist taken in and a new hemline created can easily cost nearly as much as the coat itself does.

Coats For Women With Shorter Legs

Generally speaking, if you are not very tall or have a long body, but short legs, you need to stick to shorter coats. Anything beyond mid-calf length is liable to overwhelm your figure and make your legs look stumpy.

Getting The Fit Right

Regardless of what style of coat you choose to buy, it is important to get the fit right. You can find out more about how to do this from this website.