Friday, 08 September 2017

How to Look Amazing in a Short Jacket

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Now that autumn’s just around the corner, it’s time to dig out our cardigans, scarves and jackets.

Short jackets are not only one of the essential autumn and spring pieces; they are also a great way to add a little flair to your outfit. So, if you want to look like one of those runway trendsetters, here are a few tips on wearing a short jacket.

Long Arms And Short Jackets

If you’re quite tall or have long arms, a cropped jacket might look small on you. You can check if you have long arms by resting them at your side, and if your thumb knuckle is longer than your crotch, you have long arms. Even then, you can still pull off a short jacket, just look for a model that has full sleeves instead of ¾ ones.

Short Waists And Short Jackets

If you have a short waist, you might think cropped jackets are perfect for you, but you might be wrong. Short jackets can emphasize your short waist and torso, and make them appear even shorter. So, if you have a short waist, choose monochromatic clothes underneath your jacket to create a long column look. This little trick will make the eyes perceive the torso to be longer than it actually is.

Pear-shaped Girls, Watch Out!

There’s only one situation when bottom-heavy and pear-shaped girls can wear short jackets, and that’s when the jacket has some shape at the waist. Pear-shaped women have beautiful and defined waists, and they must show and emphasize that feature. A short jacket that has a wide shape and no waist will make you look wide and square.

Have A Tummy?

If you have a little tummy, a cropped jacket can be a great choice for you, especially if it emphasizes the waist and only grazes your tummy area. However, the wrong length of the sleeves can ruin everything and make you look less than your best. Your sleeves should be slightly shorter than the jacket to break up the unflattering horizontal line. You can also opt for a jacket that has longer sleeves; just avoid those that have sleeves and the hem of the jacket end at the same spot.

Wide Shoulders And Large Bust

Women who have wide shoulders and a large bust run the risk of looking too wide and short in a cropped jacket. Short jackets visually shorten the torso and automatically make it look wider. So, to break this curse, opt for women’s jackets that have a lower stance or closure which will create a slimming and lengthening effect across the upper half of the body. Avoid those models that close high on the body like a jewel neckline.

Best Combinations

If you’re a lover of maxi dresses, then get one or two cropped jackets for your closet, since they go very well together. A short jacket balances the length of the dress and adds height to the body. Short jackets also go well with work shift dresses. They come in handy when it’s a bit chilly in the office, and they look much better and more professional than a cardigan. Short jackets can also be combined with loose, flowing tops for a fun and relaxed look. With these tops, you can wear your jacket open, and it’s perfectly acceptable to have your top peeking out from underneath your jacket.

As you can see, no matter your body shape, fashion taste or lifestyle, you can always find a fun and flattering way to pull off a short jacket. Dig through your closet, put on a few combinations, and soon you’ll find your perfect match. Good luck!