Wednesday, 27 September 2017

You can try these fashion tips to look slim

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So, you’ve been lovin’ the major body transformation of Khloe Kardashian recently well, who doesn’t?

This is a woman who has always had a positive body image even when she wasn’t yet the size she is today. That’s going to take a lot of time, effort and commitment to achieve though that even when you had those 3 elements in your potion today, you’re not going to achieve the body you need to be in that skimpy outfit you need to wear tonight.

Saved By Style

The faster way to go achieve the body goals you need is to go back two steps and examine your outfit, including the ones that you’re planning to place underneath. Here are some tips to help you spot and top off your style in time for your next big event:

Tip No. 1: Invest on great undergarments. We are talking about cheater pants, what else? Tyra Banks once said about Spanx: “Every celebrity walking down the red carpet. You think she's all just naturally like 'shooop.' A lot of them have Spanx on. They're these tight little tights. You put 'em on, it sucks you up, baby. No matter what red carpet, I got 'em on. I look like a granny before I put the dress on, but I put on the dress, and it's like, ‘palow!’” Why shouldn’t you have it on you too?

Tip No. 2: Open up your top. When you have a bulky figure, most especially, you don’t want to be hiding all of that skin because that will make you appear even bigger. You have to open up your neck, collar and shoulders to catch that appeal. You do have to consider opening up more of your chest area too — showing off a little cleavage wouldn’t hurt at all, just make sure your outfit doesn’t put you at high risk for a wardrobe malfunction. Hey, that’s what double-sided tapes are for (wink).

Tip No. 3: Consider getting bold slits. Thigh high slits are a must if you are all dressed up to the toes. Again, it is the bottoms equivalent of Tip No. 2 above. The more you get yourself covered, the more you bulge so, just find the confidence to wear your skin — and your figure — proud! You can also hide your thighs by using cellulite creams.

Tip No. 4: Dress in flowy outfits. That allows your body to be free. Let more air in. Fringed and layered bottoms that come with off-the-shoulder or spaghetti strapped lace tops are guaranteed to give you a bold silhouette. Think daring Medieval lace and leather dresses by Alexander McQueen. Use that leather corset belt to cinch your waist.

Tip No. 5: Sexy up your tresses. Even your hair can do wonderful things to your styling in much the same way that your cheater pants do. Since you have a fuller frame, refrain from cutting your hair too short. Maintain a length that reaches at least beyond your shoulders. As much as you can, keep your hair long because it gives your face a better frame. Give it soft curls, a lighter dye with highlights to soften your complexion, it will add sexiness to your appeal.

Tip No. 6: Wow with your makeup. Draw attention to your eyes and your lips. Enhance your eyes, make it come forward and open it up by curling your eyelashes and getting your eyeliner right. You have fuller lips so take advantage by giving it a plump contour. Whether you should give your lips a bold or nude tint is really up to the overall look that you are trying to achieve. For more inspiration, check out how plus size model, Ashley Graham, has been doing her makeup.
Tip No. 7: Put on those pointed heels. Those pairs give your but a push. The more inches are there on your heels, the higher your behind comes up. Heels force you to maintain a better posture.


Still think you don’t have the right body? How can it be wrong? Just let yourself be saved by these styling tips, and soon enough, you will be rocking every outfit. You just got to learn to love your body first and work with it, not against it.