Wednesday, 25 October 2017

6 Essential Date Night Style Tips

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Date Night - something you’ve been looking forward to all week. Excitement, nervousness and maybe even a little confusion has been running through your mind.

No worries, whether it’s your very first date or another night out with your favourite man, these tips will help you put together the perfect outfit from head to toe for a fun, smooth-sailing night to remember. Although 44% of men are more interested in the conversation they are having rather than the clothes on a date, you still want to be confident in how you look and put together an outfit that’s going to appeal to your partner.

Less Is More

Let’s first get back-to-basics and discuss the general rule of thumb: less is more. Female fashion and women’s wear is a fabulously intricate system - however, when going on a date, it’s best to choose a single asset to focus on. Is it going to be a legs type of night, or are the girls coming out to play? Picking an area to be the centre of attention not only helps you form an outfit but it’ll drive your date crazy without overwhelming the poor guy or girl.

Choose a Statement Colour

Colours are a great way to make a bold statement while still feeling as confident as ever. As a plus, it’s also super easy to incorporate colour into any outfit, just choose your favourite one! When in doubt, just remember: you can’t go wrong with red. It’s sexy, appealing and let’s face it, it makes you feel like a total badass. Even if it’s just a hint of colour, throwing a leather jacket over a nice red women’s top is a sure-fire way to let your date know you’ve arrived.

LBD (You Knew It Was Coming!)

Ah, the women’s wear staple piece inside any woman’s wardrobe - the Little Black Dress. If all else fails, you need not worry, as you always have the good old LBD to fall back on. Don’t have one yet? Looks like it’s time to go shopping. The classic LBD is perfect for any and every occasion: a formal dance, a nice dinner with friends, a business celebration, and, you guessed it, your special night out. So, go out and find perfect little black women’s dresses to add to your wardrobe; even if you decide to wear something else for your date, you’ll thank yourself later.

Add Some Pep in Your Step

We’ve discussed clothing options quite a bit, but you know what they say - give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world. Okay, maybe you don’t need to accomplish that much, but finding the right pair of women’s shoes for your date will make sure you’re feeling so comfortable and confident, you’ll want to conquer the world.

So, what’ll it be? Heels are a great go-to for a feminine, sleek look, but if you’re not much of a stiletto woman or you think the setting might be too casual for your favourite pair, there’s no need to pull out the pumps. Some fashionable flats or even a pair of nice sandals can be the perfect addition to date night outfits. The date night collection at River Island includes some gorgeous women’s shoes ranging from flats to heels, so go take a look if there’s anything that jumps out at you. You don’t need to spent much to find the perfect piece of footwear, you just need to look in the right place!

The Perfect Bag

No, you do not have to run to your nearest department store and splurge on that designer handbag. Instead, what perfect women’s bags-purses imply is that it’ll be not too big, not too small, but the perfect size to fit all of your belongings as well as some emergency items to carry with you on your special night (mints and some extra perfume would be a good start). Only 2% of men will actually notice if a woman purchases a handbag, so don’t feel like you have to splash the cash on a new accessory just for the sake of the date. Simply see what’s lurking in your closet and select an item that will go perfectly with your outfit!

A Fresh-Faced Makeup Look

Now that you’re styled head to toe, it’s time for makeup! While it’s totally up to you to wear as much or as little makeup as you desire, a light, fresh and fool-proof look will ensure you’re feeling and looking your best without the worry of any mishaps. A little concealer, coat of mascara and lightly filled-in brows will make a world of difference. A touch of blush and highlighter will also give you magnificent colour and glow.

There you are, 6 must-have tips to use on your upcoming date night. Remember, above all, confidence is key. You want to make sure you’re not only dressed to impress, but for success. Looking great and feeling great come hand in hand, so whatever you wear, make sure you feel nothing short of spectacular. Don’t forget to use these tips to have an awesome night with that special someone.