Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Biggest Shoe Trends for Brides Right Now

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Almost every girl dreams about the perfect wedding dress, but have you ever given a thought to your wedding shoes?

After all, the right shoes will make your first dance as a married woman run smoothly, and look amazing in the wedding pictures. Of course, you want them to be beautiful and to match your wedding dress, but the one thing you can’t compromise on is comfort. The wrong shoes can make the best day of your life painful, and full of blisters and shoe bites, and you don’t want that. Now that we’ve taken the most important thing off the table, we can discuss the hottest bridal shoe trends.

1. Vintage

Vintage weddings are enjoying a surge in popularity, because they can never go out of style and they are the representation of the ideal romantic event. There are plenty of different vintage themes, including 1930s Art Deco, 1940s homespun and 1970s hippie casual style. In accordance with that, there are many different vintage wedding shoes you can get. Depending on your dress and wedding theme, you can show off your feet in 1920s glamorous Cinderella pumps, 1930s strappy sandals, 1940s peep toe heels, low heel classy Mary Janes, retro ballerina flats and even Victorian lace boots.

3. Floral

Floral shoes are especially popular for spring and summer wedding, when everything is already filled with blossoming flowers. As a spring or summer bride, you are free to include flowers on your shoes, hair, jewelry and everywhere you want them. If you want to keep things more subtle, rocking a delicate floral design, such as the one perfected with Harriet Wilde’s model would be ideal. On the other hand, if you are wearing a monochrome dress without too many details, you can add some vigor to it with a bold floral pattern on your shoes.

4. Sandals

Anyone up for a beach wedding? Coastline weddings are all the rage right now, but getting your high heels stuck in the sand isn’t something you want on the happiest day of your life. Some brides choose to go barefoot to look and feel more casual, but there is no need for that since there are many bridal shoes that can protect your feet from the sand and be comfy and stylish at the same time. Those are mostly flat sandals made more elegant by satin, bows and crystals.

5. Jeweled Heels

There can never be too much elegance on one’s wedding day, and if you truly want an exquisite pair of shoes to match the jewel on your hand, you can go for jeweled heels. They go exceptionally well with simple, yet sophisticated dresses, making every pair of eyes in the room look down to your drop-dead-gorgeous shoes. If you are searching for a glitzy shiny sparkling pair of shoes to complement your minimalistic wedding dress, you can opt for Badgley Mischka shoes because every pair has a unique way of displaying the gems.

6. Elegant Simplicity

If, on the other hand, you prefer an extravagant fairytale wedding dress, it would be too much to wear jeweled shoes. Fortunately for you, elegant simplicity will never go out of fashion, as stores like Charlotte Mills still offer classic inconspicuous bridal footwear, that at once offers comfort and matches well with any wedding dress style. Simple bridal shoes with minimalistic or no detail whatsoever express uniqueness through style and subtle changes of shades, from white to ivory.

7. Colorful Wedding Shoes

Similarly to floral shoes, colourful wedding shoes are there to add some pizzazz to your wedding day outfit and make the wedding photographs more unique. The contrast they bring into the picture is youthful, daring and fun. Fabulous brands like Jakii Shoes have been bringing pops of colour into the world of weddings for years now, and you can choose from many popular shades like light blue, royal blue, pastel pink and bright pink.

With any one of these styles, you can walk down the aisle and dance with your chosen one while feeling confident, gorgeous, and, most importantly, comfortable.