Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Ways to Select Shoes to Wear with an Outfit

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Some women are obsessed with shoes but can we blame them?

Nothing screams sexy than seeing a woman in a beautiful and sleek stiletto or any high heel. There are different styles, colors and also designs of shoes for a woman to select from unlike in men. But the secret to making your shoes stand out is by pairing it with the correct outfit. What tips can one use to select shoes to wear with an outfit?

Choose A Shoe That Matches Your Outfit

Remember that the focal point of the entire look is your outfit. So shoes or any other accessory that you wear should complement your outfit. Ensure that your outfit looks good in general by choose shoes that match with it. If you wear a bright colored dress, ensure the shoes are of neutral color. For example, you can pair a green dress with a nude heel or a black heel.

Add Color To Your Outfit With Shoes

This is an excellent tip for those working in the offices. Just because you are going to spend most of your day locked in the office does not mean you should wear a dull outfit. Therefore if you are rocking a black dress or skirt suit, pair it with a bright colored palm. You can select poppy colors like red, animal print or other patterns.

Match With The Color Of Your Outfit

If you are wearing clothes that have different colors, for example, the pants have a different color from the top. You can select a shoe that matches with one of the two colors. If your shirt is blue, and the jeans are black, consider wearing a blue heel or sneakers.

Avoid Too Much Matching

Avoid wearing a standard color from head to toe. This kind of pairing makes one look dull, and it gives you unnecessary attention from the crowds. Therefore, choose a shoe that breaks down the entire look. For example, if you are wearing a green shirt and a green skirt, choose a black shoe.

Consider Other Colors

Some people fear to wear different colors at the same time but as long you select the right color combo you will end up looking classy and elegant. You don’t necessarily have to match your shoe with either your blouse or skirt. You can wear a red and black skirt and maybe pair it with a nude heel or a brown stiletto. In such a case, ensure the colors match and blend well too.

Stick To The Occasion

This is important for the office people. Wear professional and official shoes when going to the office. If possible choose colors that are neutral and calm as well. If you have an injury, you may not be able to wear high heels and in such a scenario wear formal flat shoes. Visit ShoeFinale to learn about the right shoes to wear if you have an injury.

The above are some of the ideas that you can incorporate when choosing the right shoe to pair with your outfit. Apart from selecting the best shoes, make sure it is comfortable and a proper fitting to prevent your feet from developing injuries. Stick to the occasion you are attending when selecting the shoe.