Tuesday, 19 December 2017

How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Skin Tone

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 If you used to shop for swimsuits only according to your personal taste and your body shape, it’s time you changed your strategy.

Your skin tone will also add to the overall impression of your body in a bathing suit, so it’s important that you take this factor into consideration once you go swimwear hunting. Try to choose the perfect colour to complement both your body type and your skin tone; here’s how you can do it.

Determine Your Skin Tone

If you look at the underside of your wrists, you can discover which skin tone you have. In case of cool skin tones, the skin will have pink or blue undertones, making the veins appear blue, while a more yellow hue with green veins indicate that you have a warm skin tone. Additionally, warm skin tones can be dark, medium or light with two types of undertone: golden or caramel and pink or blue undertones. Cool skin tones, on the other hand, have a tendency of being very pale and porcelain without having any undertone, and going to dark skin with red and pink or golden undertones.

Find The Perfect Swimsuit

If your skin is very light, go for soft colours. Bold colours will get you noticed for sure, but they may not complement your skin as much as the softer hues will. Instead of accentuating your pale side with vibrant colours such as orange and yellow, stick to soft pinks, beiges and blues. If you also have a red hair in addition to pale skin, white swimsuit is your best choice.

Women with dark hair and fair skin should always choose swimwear in blue shades. Whether you go for turquoise, cobalt blue or plum, the blue hue will make the dark hair pop and the creamy light skin won’t look too bright. Navy, baby blue, fuchsia and emerald are also great choices, but try to avoid white and orange.

Medium-light skin calls for earthy tones. Therefore, deep reds, olive green, brown, and khaki are some of the best choices for your skin tone. Don’t go for beige hues and avoid fleshy peach as well because they will most likely wash you out, as will grey and black.

Women with olive skin tones can wear basically any colour and look fabulous. Whether you choose high quality swimwear in black, blue or army green colours, you’ll look stunning. Feel free to go for various prints and patterns too, because you can’t go wrong with lively, vibrant hues. While every colour will look perfect on you, try not to invest in grey or brown swimsuits, because they can look plain and simple on your skin tone.

If you have light black skin, jewel-toned pinks and bright yellows will work perfect for you. Purple shades are also a great choice, but forget about brown, olive green and any other colour that is too similar to your skin tone. As long as the swimsuit features dramatic and bright colours, it’s the one for you.

Caramel skin in combination with brown or black hair is a win-win combination. Your skin has that flawless natural glow, and deep orange tones will look absolutely stunning on you. The same goes for teal, mint green, cool aqua tones, and warm purple hues. However, you should avoid yellow shades and olive green.

Very dark skin calls for contrasting hues, so your best choice are pastels. Mint greens, soft baby blues and pale pinks as well as pastel yellow shades and light grey are definitely the colours of swimwear to look for. Avoid brown, white and orange shades.

Next time you go swimsuit shopping be sure to consider your skin tone besides your figure. This way you’ll know for sure that you’ve chosen the colour that will look the most flattering on you.