Saturday, 20 January 2018

Top Wedding Dress Styles Proposed by Wedding Dress Designers

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The craze exclusive and seamless designs in wedding dresses have always been high among the brides, and shopping wedding outfits is the most exciting thing for the girls.

Not only brides but her entire friends group waits for that single piece of exclusive design, soft fabric and gaudy look of the gown which will take away the crown of the event. Nowadays, bride's like to have exclusive appointment with the designers in order to discuss their outfits. Moreover, checking out the collection of the designers and avail their attractive festive discounts can become beneficial for you. For your exclusive wedding dress, you can contact the designer and always go for the custom-fit wedding dress collection.

How Can Wedding Dress Designers Help?

" A dress designer understands your body shape and can accordingly recommend a particular dress type for you. You can also select the wedding dress design from their collection and order for your custom-fit wedding dresses.
" Sometimes you are not sure about your choice, in such cases, a designer can also advice you about dress types, your body shape, your height or colour, etc, and accordingly which type of dress can be most appropriate for you.
" You can also seek for a custom design within a definite budget. The wedding dress designers can use different types of materials and they will customize your dress according to your budget only.
" Nowadays theme based weddings are in craze, and wedding designers are all set to go with this fashion trend, offering theme based wedding gowns, matching bridesmaid gowns, accessories, etc.

Designer Preferred Styles

Typically each type of dress, starting from free flowing gowns to body fit gowns and other wide variations are best for some particular type of body shapes, type of wedding, theme of the wedding, and they based on the height of the bride, body color etc. Wedding dress designers are known to have particular experience in advising the brides on which type of gowns are best for them. However, some of the most popular choices and preferences of the designers include:

Ball Gown

These types of gowns are preferred for their dramatic queenly appeal with fitted bodice and complete floor length, free flowing bottom similar to a bell shape. These are mostly preferred for brides who have a tall figure and heavy bottom, since the bell shaped lower part of the gown seems to offer a great look with such physique.


A complete free flowing gown is what you get in this style where the waistline begins just below the bust. This type of gown is well suited for a wide variety of body shapes starting from thin to heavy physique, etc. Especially for woman with an apple shape body, this kind of gowns looks great.

A Line

The entire outfit creates a subtle A line look by gracefully flaring out from the shoulder line. The specialty of this gown type is that it fits everybody type and even every bride of every height.


This is a more informal type of wedding outfit which again is a perfect choice for women with broad shoulders. With fitted bodice, and bell-shaped skirt up to the calf, this style flaunts more of a trendy look.


The name defines the outfit which is a complete body fit one up to the hip and from the knee flares away, offering a mermaid style appearance.

Finally, you can go for a sheath type wedding dress if you pride that hourglass figure or like the complete body hugs outfits, this type of wedding outfit is made just for you. It looks quite impressive on tall brides and women with comparatively heavier top than bottom.