Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Trainer Styles to Look out for 2018

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The options for trainer styles have never been so countless, as beneficial as this is, it can make committing to one pair a tough choice.

Considering the prices of some trainers now, picking the right style that matches your clothing choices can help avoid buying a pair that you rarely use and just end up in the cupboard. Trainer styles and brands come in and out of fashion regularly, if you want to be ready for 2018, here's what to look out for.

The Unknown

Whilst buying the premium brands gives you quality and comfort assurances, they can be more expensive. There are a lot of up and coming brands with unique designs and alternative branding, Karhu, for example, show off eye-catching designs and colours that offers the wearer something slightly different compared to everyone else. Karhu is a mid-ranged price too, the quality is there and they are offering a lower price to compete with the bigger brands. The lower range brands are also a good choice if you're looking for low-key training, something without branding and designs if that your style currently, Terrem is a good example of this trend.

Old But Gold

With the amount of designs that have made a comeback, the retro look is hard to avoid. They go with most clothing choices and the prices can vary depending on the brand you choose, Nike Cortez, Adidas Superstars and Reebok Classics have all gone through a revamp and are being released in even more colours and materials. If you're a traditional dresser and don't fancy bright iconic trainers with extra straps and air bubbles, old school might be the choice for you.

Sock Sneakers

Likely the comfiest choice to look out for, Sock trainers tend to be a minimalist's dream. The style usually consists of a premium sole trainer with a stretch sock-like fabric cover the top of your foot. They look simple, comfortable and can either be well designed with patterns or plain. A trainer choice that works perfectly with fitted tracksuits, the streetwear style is a big tend currently. Top sellers in this style include Adidas NMD's, Nike sock dart and Puma ignites.

Running Trainers That You Won't Run In

Top brands might tell you they've been designed with fitness in mind, but some trainers are too beautiful to ruin via exercise. Nike Lunars, Freerunners and Adidas Boost trainers are perfect examples of this, being modelled with fitted joggers or activewear isn't enough to convince us to wear them in the gym. If you enjoy the active look and tend to dress accordingly, investing in premium branded running shoes might be the style to choose. More thought and sports science research have gone into the trainers being suitable for performance so you can expect them to last a lot longer.

Advanced Look Trainers

The High-Tec look trainers are always a top choice every year, using new technology to offer an unusual look and comfort, these advancements give the modern-day trainers and edge other previous designs. Nike has always excelled at this, with their Nike air range, more recently the Airmax 97, a continuous air bubble along the sole shows a bouncy intentional design along with the alternative smaller Nike ticks. Puma is always a great brand to keep an eye out for, with ranges going from the retro sense to the futuristic styles that everyone gets excited about.

Of course, there are other styles to look at but sadly they've not made the list and these choices are what the top brands have been rolling out recently. But its early in the year and for most trainer addicts, it's likely that you'll be buying a varied amount this year.