Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Top 5 Clothing Staples Everyone Needs In Their Closet

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Now, if you want to get the most bang for your buck with your outfits, you should only purchase clothing items that will stand the test of time.

Without straying away from the topic any further, here are the top 5 clothing staples everyone needs in their closet. With these items around, you will never go out of style!

Tip 1: Ballet Flats

We haven't come across a woman who doesn't love a good pair of ballet flats. Not only are ballet flats chic and sophisticated, they are also comfortable beyond belief. In addition to that, they are also versatile and can be matched with anything. You can easily pair them with a cocktail dress or your casual jeans and button-down combination. Your outfits and feet will both thank you! Hence, it is of paramount importance for any woman to have a good pair of ballet flats around.

Tip 2: Plain White Tee

We are struggling to find something that is as versatile as a plain white tee. A plain white tee can be perfectly layered under a sweater or over a tank top. It can also either be tucked or hung free with a pair of denim cutoffs. When choosing a plain white tee, you should particularly go for the ones that are super soft and have a relaxed, lived-in fit. You can also either go for a crew neck cut or a V-neck style. A plain white tee will go with everything you own. We would recommend you to spare no expense in purchasing a plain white tee that is made of the highest quality cotton.

Tip 3: Skinny Jeans

Anyone can largely benefit from owning a pair of high-quality skinny jeans. When selecting skinny jeans, we would recommend you purchase a slight high-rise style. A high-rise style will give the illusion of longer legs. It is also suggested for you to stay loyal to a true-blue wash. You can never go wrong with blue skinny jeans.

Tip 4: Tall T-shirts

Tall t-shirts are available for purchase in a variety of colours, shapes, designs, and styles. And, what's great about tall t-shirts is the fact that they are versatile; they can be expertly styled for every occasion. But, most importantly, long t-shirts are comfortable beyond belief.

Tip 5: Leather Jacket

No one would blame you for splurging on an exorbitantly priced leather jacket. A leather jacket is truly worth its weight in gold and can be worn year-round. Like fine wine, a leather jacket only gets better with age. And, while we are talking about jackets, you also should not overlook the denim jacket. A denim jacket is easy to wear and can be matched with just about any outfit under the sun.