Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Choose The Perfect Amethyst Rings

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There are so many collections when you are choosing rings, but amethyst rings have become a favourite among jewellery lovers.

Amethyst is a magnificent violet coloured gemstone which creates high-end rings that can be worn for any occasion. They are the excellent choice of rings because of their royal look, perfect nature and affordability.

Here are some tips on choosing the ideal amethyst ring.

Assess The Amethyst Rings

Amethyst is made of silicon dioxide with a variety of quartz. The purple colour of this gemstone is caused by Iron elements present in its crystal structure. Amethyst’s hardness is rated seven on the Mohs scale of 1 to 10, so the stone is relatively hard, although harder gemstones such as diamond or sapphire can scratch it. 

Opt for the deep purple amethysts; they are the hardest and most valuable amethyst.

Colour Of The Amethyst 

The main colour of amethyst is purple, though it can come in different shades from deep purple to light purple. It can also have a tint of blue or red. Lighter amethyst gemstones have a pinkish tone, whereas darker ones have a deep purple hue.

In general, deeper purple tones are more desirable and are quite pricey. The high quality amethyst is the “Deep Siberian,” colour, which has an intense purple hue.

When evaluating the colour of amethyst, make sure to look at it in daylight so that you can perceive the stone’s hue most accurately. If you have your heart set on a amethyst ring, ensure that you choose a colour that represents your personality.

Clarity of Amethyst

The clarity of the gemstone is also an important factor to consider. Clarity refers to the lack of visible defects inside the stone as well as on its surface. You want a beautiful stone, clear throughout without any blemishes. 

Because these stones are natural, it is possible that some pieces will have some blemishes. The internal imperfections should be as few and small as possible which is why you must make your selection carefully.

If you are buying online, only purchase your amethyst from reputable and well-established jewelers that only sell affordable, 100% natural stones and offers an excellent returns policy.

Cut of Amethyst

Coloured gemstones such as amethyst are usually cut to maximize their colour. There are not pre-set ideal sizes as is the case with diamonds. 

So, when buying an amethyst, you should evaluate its cut indirectly by looking at how intense the stone’s colour is.

Jewelers will create amethyst rings using a variety of different cuts. Choose the cut you feel appeals to you. Jewelers have different ideas of the perfect ring, which is why you should choose your amethyst ring based on your desires and ensure the piece stands out.


The price of an Amethyst ring depends on the carat weight. One carat is one-fifth of a gram. The carat weight brings all the factors together and creates the final price. Larger stones are always more valuable. As there is an abundance of amethyst gemstones, large pieces are also often mined. However, they are more appealing and consequently more expensive.