Thursday, 19 April 2018

What Summer Streetwear Trends to Expect

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Streetwear is a massive global trend that is only getting bigger, luxury brands have started showing their plans for the summer of and a lot of new and current trends are going to be seen this summer.

Looking at the latest on the high-street and what fashion shows are releasing here are the top trends for summer.

Miss-Matches Designs

Recently the luxury brand has been thriving off what is normally known as a fashion nightmare, wearing patterned or printed tops with completely different patterns as bottoms. Normally, you have one garment plain and the other patterned which gives extra definition to the design and highlights it. In the case with the streetwear trend, it’s currently about having a casual outfit that wouldn’t normally work with other styles, but completely stands out in streetwear.

Extra Tip: Camo print is an easy design to start with, camo joggers matched up with a heavily designed top offers a big clash that’s bound to stand out on the street scene.

Regular and Loose Fits

Slim and skinny fit jeans have been the norm for a long time now, in streetwear they’re bringing back the regular fit. Cargo trousers, jeans and joggers are being worn in a looser, more casual manner that matches up perfectly with the ethos of why people choose to wear street clothing.


It’s easy to spot that a lot of old sports brands are making big comebacks and the streetwear scene is making its mark with the retro style. Champion, Umbro, Reebok and Fila are now offering luxury retro trainers and tracksuits that are helping the old brands visibility massively.

Light Denims

An easy trend to get on board with, oversized light denim jackets are essential for anyone looking to represent the style. Rolled raw sleeve helps the jacket look more casual and still works well in the warmer months, they tend to work with most outfits, and even if you’re unsure, the clashing trend likely keeps your street style working.

Extra Tip: Skinny jeans help define the jacket and give more emphasis to the oversized look.

Off-Tone Colours

If the miss-matched design isn’t something you’re willing to try, off-tone matching is also a summer trend. Picking out some pastel coloured clothes and matching them with another slightly off toned garment is a slightly smarter trend in the streetwear style. Pinks, blues and greens are all seen in stores with the off-tone selections to match them up.

Naturally, with streetwear, the trends may change as we get closer to the summer and it is a continually changing style that most people involved tend to add their own spin on. All the classics such as Supreme, Bape and Off-White are the giants when it comes to streetwear and they’re all proving these trends are coming in with their ranges and collaborations the releasing.