Wednesday, 25 April 2018

4 Streetwear Brands That Are Changing the Game

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Streetwear has been a massive trend for a few years and some of the styles can become similar and repetitive.

However, there are also some top brands that are keeping the streetwear style fresh whilst keeping to the core ideology of the trend. Here’s a look at 4 brands that will completely change your wardrobe whilst keeping you on the streetwear hype.

Dooms Day Co.

Intense graphics matched with relaxed clothing gives the Dooms Day Co. a mention as one of the streetwear labels to check out. The graphics on the garments range from flowers to knives to keep the customers coming back to the latest collections. Dooms Day offer a large variety of clothing from the regular t-shirts and hoodies to backpacks and chinos. It’s a streetwear brand that’s affordable with an uncommon take of graphics and slogans, the “lifes a drag” t-shirt is one to look out for.

Societe Noir

A luxury streetwear staple that has been offering premium quality clothing and caps for years. The brand offers clothing with their iconic Societe Noir label on it to catch anyone's eye, but they also offer artistic graphic tops that aren't matched by any other streetwear brand. Societe Noir offers tracksuits, tops, shorts and caps in several colours and styles to pick from, the general vibe you get when you view the website and see the style is that it's a select streetwear culture that if offering more than just clothes.

Anti Social Social Club

As casual as streetwear can come, the Anti Social Social Club is a streetwear brand with the highest demand, most of their products have been selling out upon their release which only screams expansion to those waiting to cop an item. The brand offers relaxed hoodies, “dad caps” and tops mainly but their range has expanded into some unique avenues, medical masks for example. The brand is that relaxed/ confident in the products that the website offers very little information about what they offer or product information, a bald and mysterious tactic.

The Quiet Life

A cross between a skate and street brand, The Quiet Life is anything but quiet. The range of products is massive and the brand has been making a name for itself for years. It’s tough to pin down the style that The Quiet Life offer, their range offers both simple and extreme style garments that will easily help to find a liking for something they offer. The range all looks to be purpose designed and edgy, none of the garments is just a printed badge on a generic top, even the caps have their own quirky look.

Streetwear is a style that isn’t just about wearing the best brands, it’s a relaxed style that offers intention and almost a smart finish. The trend range from simple to over the top branding and designs depending on your take, and these brands should be able to add something extra to your wardrobe.