Monday, 09 July 2018

How to Wear the Most Popular Colours This Season

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Summer is the perfect time to embrace colour and mix things up from your usual navy and black winter wardrobe.

No matter how you choose to wear the colourful trend this season, there’s plenty of ways to suit everyone. If you’re not sure on how to invest in the right pieces, then starting smaller with accessories, bags and shoes can be a great way to play with the trend. If however you love to embrace colour, then why not try really mixing up your wardrobe by adding some seriously statement pieces. The important thing is that this trend is all about having fun and finding something that suits your personality!

Pastel Colours

This can be a great way to wear colours if bright and bold isn’t your thing. Perfect for Spring and Summer, and an easy way to introduce colour. You could try buying into this trend through a suit, for work or even a special occasion such as a wedding or Summer party. You can find some great options including lilacs and soft greens, which are refreshing for this time of year. Or why not try a lovely pastel yellow, something to brighten your day without being too bold. If you do decide to invest in a pastel suit, then you can easily mix it up to get the most wear out of it. Try pairing a pastel blazer with a white t-shirt and simple pair of jeans. A great way to incorporate colour into your wardrobe if you’re looking for a wear to wear this trend and not sure how.

Turn Up The Heat

If you’re a fan of colour already, then bold colours are here for Spring and Summer. A great way to inject some personality and life into your daily outfits. Reds, orange and yellow are on trend this year and can be worn a number of ways. You can take a simple classic summer dress, there are a lot of styles available, and inject a new lease of life by adding a bold coloured jacket. This will really make your outfit stand out and is an easy way to wear this trend. Alternatively, you could pick up some bright camisole tops, which are great for Summer and easy to pair with your favourite jeans, with a light weight jacket thrown on over the top.

Bright Accessories

If you’re looking for another way to wear this trend, then accessories might just be the easiest way for you to do so. Statement earrings are an affordable and quick way to inject some colour to your wardrobe, a perfect addition for Summer and simple for people who aren’t confident with wearing too much colour at once. Handbags are also a great way to add more into your wardrobe, it can be a great way to transform your outfit and really make it pop. A small evening bag paired with a simple, neutral outfit is the easiest way to embrace this trend and will allow you to wear the bright colours in a slightly different way.