Saturday, 21 July 2018

How to wear neutrals in summer outfit

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Summer is mostly associated with vivid colours, bright tones and shiny things. This also refers to our clothes. When to wear pink, yellow and coral red if not during the warmest part of the year?

True, true... But we don’t always feel like a carnival. Some days, we just want to go for a plain white dress, cream shorts or a beige T-shirt. That can sometimes come off as boring or dull, but not if you combine the right things and details. There are a few tricks on how to make neutral colour outfits less dull than they might appear.

Define Neutral

When we say neutral, most people think of pale colours, such as cream, beige, white, pale yellow and such. But let’s not forget about black, grey, navy and brown. These are all neutral since they match almost everything. And not only these colours, but also different shades of them, are all considered to be neutrals. Sounds colourful, right?
So, now that we know what neutrals are, it’s much easier to picture a successful fashion combo using these colours.

Colour Don’ts

When it comes to combining colours, simply follow the old rule of not wearing more than three colours, and the third one being added in the form of details. If there should be fashion frowned upons regarding the colour combinations among neutrals, that would definitely be next combinations: white - beige, black-brown, grey-brown. These are some general not so matching situations. Of course, it all comes down to the personal taste. But some general rules suggest that combining these colours wouldn't look so great. Even with neutrals, we should always opt for slight contrast. For example, navy- white is a win-win combo. Always works. Black and white for those who are bold (or are having a serious job interview) is classic and a good looking combination. Brown goes with brown varieties- cream, beige, pale brown. Brown is a very usable colour in any case, except with black. That just never looks good enough. Too dark and too odd. Anyhow, different shades make different combinations, so in some cases, you can mix and match, but we leave that to your judgement power and your taste.

It’s All In Details

Always was, always will be. You can wear just one simple colour and do wonders with details. Match two neutral colours and break that with a shiny bright detail. Luckily for women, there are more than enough accessories to implement in your look. Belts, bags, hats, bracelets, shoes, all types of shoes. You can spice up even the dullest wardrobe combination with the right shoes. Nowadays, with so many choices on the market, beautiful sandals like avarcas from Australia can give your outfit a whole new dimension. Whether you are bold and creative, or simple and classical, shoes are a never-ending pool of inspiration. However, there is one thing when it comes to combining details that you should be aware of. Matching too much of a detail can look a bit tacky. For example, matching your sandals with your bag is a win. But, matching your sandals, bag, belt, bracelet and a lipstick, well that’s just too much effort and it looks kinda ridiculous. Like some sort of obsession with details. Always remember Coco Chanel when leaving the house- look in the mirror and just before heading out, take something off. Now you are good to go.


Good thing when wearing neutrals is that you can spice up your outfit with jewellery. Now is a perfect chance to go wild with the accessories, wear oversized earrings, necklaces and rings that are otherwise too colour specific and don’t match most of your clothes. With neutrals, if you are opting for an every-day simple look, you can also wear plain silver pieces of jewellery to complement your outfit in a subtle way. Depending on the part of the day and your mood, these items vary in colour, size and style.


If you thought your hairstyle had nothing to do with the colours you’re wearing, you are wrong. Again, it all comes down to the individual taste. But somehow there are certain unwritten rules. Neutrals always call for a natural hairstyle, like big curves or simple side braid. Nothing too complicated, to match the general impression. Hair accessories used for more complicated hairstyles sometimes wouldn’t match your simple style, but as mentioned before, this is really just from person to person.

When it comes to wearing neutrals in the summer, the important thing is to break the monotony with a detail. Whether you choose that to be sandals, a funny bag or oversized earrings, it’s on you. But even more important than being stylish is to feel good. We all carry our own taste for fashion, and in order to be unique, you must be yourself.