Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Casual Shoes for Fashionable Women

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Catherine Summers - Flicker

At home or while traveling, comfortable and casual shoes are a must for getting around.

Every woman needs to own at least one pair for convenience. Six types of shoes that are practical and fashionable include:

1. Sandals
2. Slip-on
3. Sneakers
4. Moccasins
5. Loafers
6. Espadrilles
1. Wear Casual Sandals for Comfort and Ease

There are a few benefits to wearing sandals in the summer. They allow your feet to breathe, are easy to slip on and off, and are stylish. Glamour magazine suggests that sandals paired with a white pair of jeans in the summer looks elegant. The brand name designers create sandals for you to wear anywhere all day long in comfort and style.

2. Slip-On Casual Shoes Are Practical and Easy to Wear

The ease of putting slip-on shoes on and off is the best part of wearing them. Cushioned and treaded, these shoes provide functionality plus looks. Straight leg jeans look great with these shoes while comfortably getting you to where you are going. They're available in different colors and patterns, so you can also have fun with your look. Different materials broaden the style options.

3. Sneakers Provide Cushioning and Stability

CNBC reports that sales of women's sneakers are on the rise, while heels are becoming less popular. The fashion industry is catering to demands for more comfort in shoe designs. To jazz up a pair of sneakers, try pairing a blazer with your outfit. They are easy to walk and run in, and their cushioning absorbs the shock from each step you take.

4. Moccasins Are Warm and Cozy

Moccasins are a fashionable choice of footwear that are casual and feel good on your feet. They're also available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Many are handmade out of genuine leather and sheepskin with rabbit or faux fur trim. Some are made for indoor and outdoor use — it depends on the type of sole. Wear with skinny jeans and leggings for an all-together casual look.

5. Loafers Are Classy and Practical

Wearing loafers protects your feet from the elements while making you look sophisticated. Fashion designers create this type of shoe for women who need practicality and good looks in a shoe. Made from suede, leather, and synthetic materials, these shoes go well with leggings for a simple look. Well-made loafers provide enough support for your feet so you can wear them for hours.

6. Espadrilles Are Versatile

A French favorite, these casual shoes are a fashion staple for many because of their ease of wear. Celebrities wear these trendy shoes with the esparto rope sole on holidays. Usually made of canvas or cotton uppers, they are a comfortable choice for many women. Espadrilles look contemporary with a pair of baggy jeans and summer print dresses.

Why Wear Casual Shoes?

Casual shoes are designed for comfort and visual appeal. They complement your outfits, so you look chic and feel unrestricted as you go about your day.