Thursday, 29 November 2018

Must-Have Clothing Items That Every Fashionable Woman Needs

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You should never hoard clothes or keep items that you no longer wear or like.

Regular de-cluttering of your wardrobe will provide enough space and order for your staple items, and you really don’t have to spend a ton of money on clothes to look good. With the right combinations, you can look and feel absolutely amazing.

So, what are these wardrobe essentials that every lady should own? Keep on reading to find out!

1. Good-quality Leggings

You don’t have to be into sports at all in order to make the most out of good-quality leggings. After all, these are very easy to style and combine, and are the perfect choice for casual errands and lounging. Not to mention that leggings can keep you warm during the colder months as you can pair them with dresses and longer tunics for a more layered and warmer look.

2. Business Pants/skirt

These days, many companies are pretty casual about their dress code. But even if you usually don’t have to worry about this on a daily basis, there are always situations such as important business meetings where you’ll have to look presentable in a more traditional getup. That’s why nice business pants or a skirt are definitely a must-have item in your wardrobe. Go for a more modern cut so that you can get more use out of these pieces.

3. A Fitted Blazer

A blazer is undoubtedly one of the staple clothing pieces that can spruce up any outfit. Make sure to go for a fitted blazer that suits your body shape perfectly. In general, it’s up to you to choose a print, but keep in mind that the most effective blazer will be the one that can elevate your outfit, regardless of whether your goal is to look professional or smart casual.

4. A White Shirt

This will always be a classic clothing piece, regardless of your preferred fashion style. A white shirt that sits nicely on your body can be used as a layering piece for a variety of different situations and styles. Casual, sporty, business, dressy, you name it – a well-tailored white shirt can bring your whole outfit to life. Even though it’s a rather simple item, be careful when choosing yours. Make sure that the shirt fits just the way you want it to. Also, pay attention to the quality of the material.

5. Flattering Jeans

Jeans will never go out of style. This particular clothing piece is very versatile, and depending on the cut you choose, you can combine jeans with pretty much anything. The important thing is to always go for quality jeans that flatter your body shape. Luckily, there are so many designs to choose from – skinny, high-waisted, jeggings or dashing boyfriend jeans – so take the time to find your perfect pair.

6. A Dressy Top

Obviously, a fashionable lady can’t do much without a dressy top for the special night out or some other more glamorous occasion. In the end, it’s important to choose a style that you like but keep in mind that the design should definitely be a bit versatile so that you can match this top with different bottoms as well. Going for wrinkle-resistant fabrics, in this case, would be ideal.

7. A Denim Jacket

Different than a fitted blazer but still equally timeless, a denim jacket should always find its place in your wardrobe. After all, the ability to dress up and down this particular piece of clothing can turn every outfit into an effective personal style getup. With so many different cuts and the possibility to add DIY details to your denim jacket, you can count on always looking great and ready to rock.

8. White Sneakers

Nothing completes a casual, sporty or even a smart casual outfit just like white sneakers. Go for a plain but comfy design that will allow your feet to breathe.

In the end, there’s just something timeless and fashionable in white sneakers that not even black boots can beat.

Obviously, everyone is different and has their own personal style. But, regardless of style, clothing items are rather specific. Feel free to get as personal as you want in your shopping choices, but keep in mind the wardrobe essentials that will always come in handy when you want to look fabulous and put together.