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3 Tips to choosing the best jewellery for your wedding day

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Photo by Bryan Schneider from Pexels

Once you have settled with a gown, the next step would be to accessorise it.

When it comes to fashion, we are all in for doing something unique. However, there are always some tried and tested ways to go about choosing your accessories geared towards making you look flawless on your big day. Therefore, if you are feeling overwhelmed and do not know how to choose your wedding jewellery then take guidance from the helpful hints below:

1. When In Doubt, Go With Simplicity

It is difficult not to be taken over by the bling-bling of jewellery when you go for wedding shopping. Yes, it is very easy to end up buying almost everything. However, that way, you run the risk of it outshining you on your most precious day. Would you want the element of focus on your wedding day, to be on it or you? If you chose the latter, then do not forget to apply the less is more strategy. It is the best policy and the most logical way to go about purchasing it.

One of the ways you can avoid taking an impulse decision is to do your research before heading to the store. Alternatively, if you want to simplify this even more, choose to shop online. There are plenty of amazing shops on the internet like the website that let you browse through a variety of different options. Here, you get to choose some of the highest quality bridesmaid bracelets and bangles.

2. Match The Metals Of The Jewelry To Your Dress

If you cannot seem to choose between gold and silver, then do not worry! Everyone goes through that phase. Your best bet, in this case, is to let your wedding gown guide your choice. Do you have a white wedding dress? Pair it with platinum or silver items. For an ivory gown, go for a gold piece. A champagne gown looks best with a silver piece assorted with rhinestones. If that is not your thing, then select gold jewellery. The ideal accessory for a blush gown would be of rose gold colour. The pink of the metal will complement the subtle pinks of the dress.

3. Take The Neckline Of Your Dress Into Consideration

The neckline of your dress will play a vital role in outlining your face. Choose the perfect neck-piece to go with it to optimise your glamour.

Your best bet, if you have a strapless dress is to go for a choker or a short necklace. This will divert people’s attention from your chest and bring it up to your beautiful smile. A pendant will do a wonderful job at this too.

Another option is to opt out of wearing a necklace entirely in exchange for an up-do.

A V-neck dress will look best with a delicate pendant.

If you are feeling a bit experimental, then wear earrings as well.

A halter neck will always look good if the main focus is on the hair instead of the neck. So pick out combs or flowers to style your look.