Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Four colours to explore this season when updating your wardrobe

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Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

With 2019 well and truly here, there is no better time to update your wardrobe.

When you do take the plunge and update your wardrobe, why not explore some new colours? The winter season is the perfect opportunity to broaden the palette of your wardrobe, so let’s take a look at what colours you should be exploring.

Olive Green

Olive green is seemingly subdued and similar to military green, only with a golden undertone.

Burgundy and mustard may be the two most popular covers of the A/W season but olive green is just as wearable and mixes so well with everything already in your wardrobe. The colour should be treated like any other neutral like the pairing of olive green trousers with louder prints.

The parka is the staple of winter and the perfect outerwear for cold days because it can be found in a range of different colours and style.

Typically, parka's are green, adding a brilliantly stylish military edge to any outfit. It can be easily paired with a sweater of any colour, jeans and ankle boots or brogues for an effortless winter look.


Lilac is a gentle pastel tone and one that was a hue of the summer, a hue that is here to stay.

Unlike pastels similar tones such as pink or baby blue, it is able to add character to both intricate and statement outfits.

Flounce sleeved tops are the ultimate piece for achieving a look that is complimentary to the delicateness of the shade. A lilac jacket can also work as a great layering piece and add statement to an otherwise neutral outfit. If you’re still unsure lilac is going to work for you, try a lilac-hued accessory; bags, scarves and hats are all in vast supply.


This spiced yellow tone has featured on the runaway for the past few seasons and it’s not going anywhere.

Mustard is a tone that works well with so many other colours on the A/W palette and pairs flawlessly with burgundy and floral prints.

A mustard sweatshirt should also be a staple in your wardrobe; it can be paired with jeans or smart trousers.

For a dressed down look, wear a mustard t-shirt with a tracksuit. SEEK Attire offer a range of both smart and casual garments making it your one-stop shop for the staple pieces of your winter wardrobe.


A surprise addition to the wardrobe and certainly a shade that be considered daring, orange can make a nice change from the usual muted tones of the season.

The colour can be easily paired with navy and black meaning it is perfect for both jeans and smart trousers, another must-have.

If you’re looking for something a little more subdued, orange pieces with black embroidery are all in. Alternatively, you could find a sweatshirt or polo shirt of a neutral colour with orange detailing.

Colour block sweatshirts are all in at the moment so you’re sure to find something.