Thursday, 23 May 2019

Art on Silk Collection

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David Watson Art on Silk Collaboration

The quintessentially British silk scarf has been reimagined with a unique collaboration between British brand David Watson and a group of British artists.

Ranging from Jonathan Pugh, a cartoonist for The Daily Mirror, to William Morris, activist and designer in the Arts and Crafts movement of the mid-19th century, the creative blend of individual styles and luxurious silk offers a rare taste of true British craftsmanship. Each piece is made from 100% silk and hand finished with a rolled hem. They are packaged in tasteful gift boxes with distinctive swing tags depicting an artist’s palette and oils, inscribed with the story behind the chosen design.

The William Morris ‘Bourne’ design is classic image from the Arts and Crafts period, a time of revival in the traditional textile arts and industries. With a repeating balanced pattern conveying delicate symmetry and form the Bourne is a simple classic. The William Morris pocket square is the perfect addition to your perfect suit.

Sue Deighton’s ‘Meadow Walk’ takes its inspiration from mid-century Scandi design and patterns, looking towards both the natural world and industrial landscapes. With bold simple designs and striking motifs, these are both contemporary and classic to suit all occasions. The Meadow Walk pocket square adds a 1960s feel to your top pocket.

Acclaimed artist and designer Andy Morris likes to play. His toys are his inspiration and ideas. His latest designs are based on that cultural icon, the Lego brick. By injecting fun, and thinking out side the box, Andy has created a design that will appeal to all ages. For the big kid in all of us, get your Lego fix from the Spots pocket square.

Tori Mclean looked towards the world of tapestry for her inspiration, with a focus on the Chace Tapestry by Heywood Sumner, woven in 1909. With a passion for using traditional methods of printing, Tori’s work is full of life and colour, offering inspirational and uplifting designs with a pedigree taken from a lost British industry. Her collaboration with David Watson has produced 4 beautiful designs, including Tapestry Flowers and Geometric Flowers. For a contemporary twist on an English classic head to either the Geometric or Tapestry pocket square.

Starting form £45.00 thse beautiful scarves are available to buy from