Thursday, 18 July 2019

The BoHo Bride

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The BoHo fashion movement has been around since the pre-Raphaelites, and saw its modern re-emergence during the 60s.

This continuing popularity is often seen during the wedding season with brides searching for their perfect BoHo day. So, what does it take to have the best BoHo wedding?

The Dress

Every bride dreams of the perfect dress, and the BoHo bride has dreams of whimsical silhouettes, floaty, soft fabrics and delicate lace and embroidery. With the rise in internet shopping, more brides are looking to buy their bridal dress online, allowing them to search enchanted wardrobes of white, dream inspired creations. Whether the search is for a floaty, lace tiered gypsy dress or a casual beach wedding gown, the BoHo bride will allow her own creativity to guide her. The BoHo bride is a dreamer, a woman who sees beauty in the living world, a girl chasing the romance of a less structure couture. This effortless dream allows the BoHo bride to become the focus of a beautiful fantasy, a day that will be remembered in all her dreams.

The Setting

The BoHo bride will want the setting to reflect her gypsy like nature, somewhere close to the natural world, full of flowers and natural elements. Whether it’s a woodland setting, sunset on a beach or a rustic barn decorated with straw bales and posies, the BoHo wedding is all about nature and a casual beauty. When choosing a venue, it’s all about a ‘feeling’, and you will know it the moment you walk into the right one. A few things to consider. (1) Numbers, no good hiring a quaint rustic barn if you intend inviting 500 friends. (2) A far-flung deserted beach, great, so long as all your guests can afford to travel when and where you fancy. (3) We are British, so it comes as no surprise that you need to consider the weather. An outdoor wedding is an idyllic idea but how practical is it? All these things considered do not be put off, just get creative and you can turn any venue into a BoHo idyll.

The Decorations

All brides want a beautiful bouquet, but the BoHo bride will include more than just hot house flowers. By including seasonal flora and fauna you can invoke a more country feel, use twigs, twine, ivy or even feathers. Allow your imagination to run wild, decorate tables with shells, candles, ivy or tree bark. Keep things unstructured and enchanting.

The Cake

The rise in the variety of wedding cakes has allowed for a surge in creativity. From small cup cakes to naked tiered towers, the BoHo wedding cake can be as romantic and artistic as any other. Take inspiration from your bouquet, the setting and, of course, your beautiful gown and you can’t go wrong.

When you decide that you are a BoHo bride you are deciding to have a whimsical, romantic and dreamlike wedding. You are allowing your artistic side to create a fantasy day full of nature, dreams and love.