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 Tuesday, 03 September 2019

The Top Trends for Winter 2019

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Tony Ross - Unsplash

Even though there are a few weeks to go before summer comes to an end and the idea of shopping for winter wear may seem far off, the cooler temperatures will be here before you know it.

Start thinking about putting away your strappy sundresses and sandals and swapping them for knits and boots, because now is the time to start gearing up for your winter wardrobe. 


Like every winter season, expect to see your favourite stores flooded with knits, corduroys, and other chunky fabrics. How can you think about winter fashion without thinking about knit jumpers and corduroy skirts? If you want to take it further, playful fabrics are making their way down the runway as well. Fluffy feather-esque fabrics will be sure to make a statement no matter where you go. Faux fur is also back and big for winter 2019, as it seems to be less of a trend year-after year, but rather a closet staple


Contrasting patterns are all the rage for the winter season, even featuring some outrageous ones as well. Florals are back, but not just any florals – loud and big prints will be all over storefronts come winter. Other classic patterns like Houndstooth, Argyle and checks are looking to be popular choices as well, so expect to see outfits with clashing patterns that just seem to work. 


Puffy is in, skinny is out. Winter fashions, especially outerwear, are all about that volume. The iconic ‘80s shoulder pad architectural look is going to be hot for the 2019 winter season, as are puffy sleeves and jackets. UK-based outerwear brand JACK1T is a good example of the trend brought down to the streetwear level.


Who says white is just a summer colour? All-white outfits dotted runway fashions to contrast the deeper, darker hues like purples, browns, reds, and oranges that are more traditionally associated with winter. Why not suit-up in a chic white outfit and head to the ski hill?


There are a few staple accessories for the colder season that will be sure to turn heads. The most practical are the scarves and bags, but other accessories shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Say goodbye to the silky summer scarves and say hello to big, thick knitted scarves for winter. The trend on the runway is to style them tightly knotted around the neck rather than draping them or looping them loosely, so keep that in mind when you’re updating your collection of scarves ahead of the cold weather. 

Waist belts of all sizes are shaping up to be a winter 2019 trend, so if you prefer skinny belts or big, chunky ones, you’re in luck. As long as you’re cinching your outfit at the waist, you’ll remain on trend. 

Supersized bags are also looking like they’re making a comeback for the winter season. After a summer of cramming all your personal belongings into tiny backpacks and totes, this is a welcome change. Bags that are held under the arm or worn over the shoulder are the main styles to watch out for. 


It’s all about the point for shoes this winter. Whether you’re talking about knee-length boots, ankle boots, or evening heels, they all feature a pointed tip. Chunky platforms are also making their way down the runways, so expect to see a lot of platform boots for the winter season.

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