Tuesday, 01 October 2019

Jacqueline Loekito SS20 “YOU WE US.”

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Jacqueline Loekito

Born from a British mother and an Indonesian father, Jacqueline Loekito believes she has a wonderful mix of a background that has shaped the way she designs her pieces.

The Jacqueline Loekito label was founded in 2012, and she currently lives and works in Switzerland, creating clothing with sharp tailoring juxtaposed against flattering lines and complimentary colour palettes to satisfy elements of both masculinity and femininity.

Through her work, Jacqueline seeks to redefine distinctive hetero normality within traditional fashion by creating artistic genderless collections. Her main vision is that her garments can be shared between men and women from one wardrobe to another. She believes that in the future there will be no separation between male and female clothing, and her label radiates the perspective of there being no labels.

Previous collections such as AW19 ‘Viviane’s Last Kiss’ is dedicated to the designer’s friend, Viviane Zitzer, who passed away last October after being defeated by cancer, the collection features oversized knits, cute faux fur two pieces and the brand signature piece the “Fuck Cancer,” slogan dress. The brand has been featured across publications such as Vogue ITALIA, Vogue Germany, Hunger Magazine, Country and Townhouse, L’OFFICIEL HOMMES, KUNST, NYLON China and many more.

For SS20 Jacqueline Loekito has created another thought-provoking collection, entitled “You We Us,” an inclusive collection inspired by Cubist artist Pablo Picasso’s painting Acrobat and the young harlequins. Drawing on his inspiration of the circus and the idea of an all-encompassing group not dependent on gender, age or size, Jacqueline Loekito states, “No Matter what your gender, love unites us.”