Wednesday, 02 October 2019

KLOTO - ION ‘An atom carrying electric charge’

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KLOTO is a beautiful and contemporary jewellery brand which seeks to merge elegant sophistication with industrial design.

The latest collection entitled ION, explores the very nature of electricity, at the level of sub-atomic electricity within the human body. Gathering inspiration from drawings of the electrical genius, Nicola Tesla, ION explores the electrical spark between brain neurons which are the source of our thoughts, feelings and dreams, even our very being.

‘Electricity is emotion, energy and light’

Collection ION combines the elegance of silver with colourful gemstones in conductive metals, silver and gold to electrify your style. Each piece is 24K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver, Aventurine, Amethyst and Onyx.

KLOTO is the Goddess spinning the thread of human life in ancient Greek mythology. Her power to control the shape and order of people’s lives mirrors the desire for individuals in our society to hold control of their life events and understand the structure of the world. Undoubtedly, this metaphor is reflected in the intricate structures of KLOTO’s designs. Every piece of KLOTO’s collections illustrates the astounding order, balance and eternal cycle of the universe with its minimal sculptural forms. Every minuscule particle in the Cosmos follows a geometric code and moves in harmony with each other. In the same way, KLOTO’s jewellery evokes a sense of unity from the delicate linking of chains and how they construct different shapes and patterns.

Istanbul born designer Senem Gençoğlu, began her journey with KLOTO to amalgamate the rich culture of the Grand Bazaar and her passion for industrial design with new originality. Senem studied industrial design at Rhode Island School of Design, one of America's most prestigious art schools. Where she got the opportunity to design and collaborate with world-renowned designers such as Lee Broom, Marcel Wanders and Sevan Biçakçi in London, New York, Amsterdam and Istanbul. Her experience and expertise in the field are mirrored through beautifully crafted collections for KLOTO in a modernistic industrial style.