Friday, 17 January 2020

Top ten tips for dressing well this winter

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As January trudges on with its rain, wind, dark evenings and low temperatures, you can be excused for not feeling inclined to make a massive effort with your style.
However, when the climate is not on your side, it is more important than ever to lift the spirits and show the world your fantastically confident winter look. Here are ten ways to dress to impress this winter.

1. Watch The Weather

It may seem too obvious to mention, but keeping an eye on the weather forecast means that you have less chance of getting caught out in the rain, wind or snow without the right clothing. Whether you check an app on your phone or switch on the TV weather forecast, get into the habit of finding out what the winter skies have in store for us, and then plan your outfit for the next day accordingly.

2. Wrap Up Warm

Winter is cold, there’s no getting around that, so wrap up warm to stay fit and well right through to Spring. You can still dress stylishly by investing in luxuriously chunky jumpers, smoothly warm velvet trousers and cosy woollen suits. Wear an extra pair of socks inside your boots for added warmth for your toes and keep a pair of gloves in your bag for days when your fingers feel the chill.

3. Coats Can Be Chic

One huge advantage that winter styling offers over its sunnier summer counterpart is the chance to buy some amazing winter coats. These are statement pieces in the fullest sense of the word, so buy two or three if possible, so you can pick and choose according to your mood, your outfit and the occasion. Take a leaf out of the Queen’s book and buy a brightly coloured coat to make sure that you are never lost in a crowd. Team your winter coat with a belt for that sleek, cinched in look.

4. Want To Get Ahead…?

…then wear a hat, as the old advertising slogan used to say. Hats look amazing in the winter, topping off your outfit in style. The choice of winter hats is almost endless, from formal fedoras to casual beanies; on-trend caps to cosy bobble hats . Take your pick and enjoy admiring looks as you keep your head nice and warm this winter.

5. Love Layers

 If you love your spring and summer threads and it feels like ages until you can dig them out again, then don’t despair. Layering up is a perennially popular trend, and allows you to keep old favourites in the game, while adding versatility and variety to your wardrobe all year round . Team a floral shirt with a chunky scarf for some winter office chic or add a waistcoat or gilet to a jeans and top combo for added warmth and undeniable winter flair when out for a winter walk with friends and family.

6. Bring The Right Bag

As so many fashionistas claim, it’s all about the accessories and in the winter, a decent bag is essential for carrying extra stuff around, such as hats, gloves and umbrellas. Choose a bag that will withstand the harsher weather conditions and that you can open and close easily to access what you need quickly and without any hassle. If you can colour co-ordinate with your clothing, so much the better!

7. Winterproof Your Wardrobe

Hopefully, you already take great care of your clothes and accessories, as the contents of our wardrobes can represent a fairly sizeable financial investment. In the winter, your clothing will be subject to greater threats such as rain and cold temperatures. Always wash, dry and store your clothes as per the instruction labels, especially for more delicate fabrics, such as suede, velvet or silk. Look after your woollen items, as these can often get damp and misshapen after being exposed to rain or snow and will need to be dried and reshaped properly back at home.

8. Dress Safely

Don’t let your desire to be stylish trump the need to stay safe during winter months, with the threats of icy roads, unexpected frosts, dangerous snowfalls and deeper puddles posing potential risks of slips and trips. Choose boots with a grippy sole to stop you from falling over on the ice. Avoid wearing tight clothing that restricts your movement. If you wear a scarf, make sure the ends don’t get trapped in doors, lifts or escalators.

9. Savvy Skincare

Team your stylish winter vibe with healthy, glowing skin. Keep a concealer with you to cover any redness gained from walking in lower temperatures. A good lip balm will protect your lips from cracking and hand cream will keep your hands looking and feeling supple and soft. It’s all in the details, so make sure you look fantastic, down to the tips of your fingers.

10. Take Note Of Your Tights

Your feet can really feel the cold, so the winter months offer the perfect opportunity to start experimenting with your choice of socks and tights. You can get pairs in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours and designs, so tights don’t have to be dull. Try upping the denier count on your tights so that they offer a layer of extra warmth for your legs and feet –cashmere is the last word in luxurious softness and would be ideal for keeping your feet feeling cosy and warm all winter long.