Tuesday, 04 February 2020


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The source of life itself is the focus of the new collection by Adeline Ziliox.
Just as pure water spouting out of the earth has many sources, the source of our beings are several. They can be made with joy or sadness, with happiness, inspiration, life or energy.

This is an inexhaustible source, existing inside all of us. A spiritual fountain, cascading into the reality of the finite time in which we live on this planet. This planet we must protect, just as we must take care of our inner source. The mix of the elements like water and ground reflects the association of the fabrics, the work on the empty and the full like our life tempo, the embroideries like emotional landscapes.

Always searching for an Eco-friendly approach, and involved in the future of our planet, Adeline Ziliox uses only French know-hows, short courses for minimising the ecological impact, and fabrics like embroideries made by hand in her French ateliers.