Monday, 09 March 2020

Leandro Cano AW20

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This collection from Leandro Cano is all about the present and future of Spanish folklore for the 20/21 season. The designer has predominantly used shades of red and cream in these pieces, with splashes of other colour throughout.

Most of the elements of the collection are inspired by flamenco and Andalusian culture. The designer has introduced iconic pieces, such as a coin, designed especially for this collection with a flamenco dance hand posture on one face and the Andalusian 8 point star on the other. Also prominent in the collection are the big carnation flowers and Manila shawls which are very iconic of Spanish folklore culture.

As the collection also represents the present and future of flamenco music, realistic sculptures with the face of a Spanish flamenco singer (María José Llergo) can be seen highlighted throughout the pieces.

All the designs in the collection are gowns, some short and some longer. The upper bodice’s are fitted whereas the skirts are voluminous and bell shaped with crinoline and cancan inside. The fabrics are mostly recycled fabrics from previous collection. They have been revamped and given a new life. Eco-finish leather, dyed with natural pigments have also been used within the collection piece.