Monday, 23 March 2020

Investment Accessories Every Woman Needs

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With trends developing and changing so often, it sometimes can be hard to keep up with the new, in-demand pieces.

With now sustainability and vintage pieces becoming more important than ever, now is the time to begin investing in pieces you’ll have forever.

For you ladies who want kids or are moms already, investment pieces such as bags, watches, or coats are the best pieces to pass down to your kids! Here’s a bit of inspiration about pieces to invest in. 

Watch My Wrist  

Watches do more than just tell time. For ages now, these classic timepieces are a symbol of luxury and taste. These values have still been maintained in the modern world by famous brand name watches like Rolex and Patek Philippe, which can be found in Pisa Orologeria that has been operating since 1940, which speaks volumes of their experience. Their flagship store is based in Milan, where you can go take a gander at all their pieces. However, for those who cannot travel, you can discover bits of their selection and brands online!

Diamond Earrings

These priceless stones have a rare honor of being that perfect accessory to almost any outfit you decide to wear. Whether it be your wedding dress or just a pair of pants you for work, they’re a basic necessity! These timeless pieces that sparkle and shine any time they catch some light are an item that is truly worth investing in.

Black Pumps

Nothing makes or breaks a look as much as shoes do. Black seemingly blends with everything; that is why you should get yourself a pair of plain black pumps, be it in soft matte, suede, or patent leather that will get you where you want to go fashionably. With so many different luxury shoe brands to choose from, heel heights and textures, it’s crucial you research before and try on many pairs to find your perfect pump! These may not last you as long as some of the other items, but a good 5-10 years will do!

Designer Handbags

On average in Britain, every woman that owns a purse, owns 17 of them. We admit it, we love ourselves a good bag, but sometimes you should think quality over quantity. Consider having one or two timeless designer bags that oozes quality and style that will last you years, even decades to come!

A Well-Fitting Trench Coat

People seemingly forget about fashion in rainy and cold weather, but in contrast, you can indeed look fashionable by avoiding oversized jumpers and getting yourself a well-fitted trench coat. The classic neutral beige would be a great piece to get you started as it could be worn unbuttoned for a casual look or buttoned for a more professional look.

Power Up

There has always been a beautiful aura around women who wear suits. Never underestimate the power of a well-trimmed suit on a woman! A power suit is the most essential piece of your wardrobe that will not only go a long way in ensuring you get the job, but also fill you with fashion confidence.

Some of these pieces would seem like you are about to break your bank, but don’t forget you will have these items forever, and their true worth will be justified over time! Start saving and you’ll be so happy you invested in something you truly wanted and deserve!