Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Introducing Azura Lovisa

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Azura Lovisa
Azura Lovisa is a slow fashion label, based in London, UK. The brand is rooted in storytelling which stems from the Swedish–Malaysian designer, artist, and writer’s rich multicultural upbringing.

Based between London and Miami, Azura Lovisa originally graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Womenswear, and earned experience at Balenciaga and Peter Pilotto before launching her own label.

Southeast Asian aesthetic traditions are interpreted via a Scandinavian eye for design, examining identity and cultural convergence. Garments are made with intention, featuring hand-woven natural fabrics where marks of the maker are evident. The unique pieces become part of a life story, passing through many hands.

Azura Lovisa’s third collection imagines a wardrobe inspired by days exploring the alpine tundra of Northern Sweden, hours drawn out by the midnight sun. Conceiving ‘Body as forum, Earth as form,’ she explores the relations between eco-sphere and ego-sphere. The unravelling of ourselves into nature. Using the female form as a map, a destination we return to endlessly, shapes and seams follow, overlap, and imitate the silhouette of the body like shadows.

Evoking the states of action, rest, and awe that we cycle through on long journeys through beautiful landscapes, the looks are designed as modular separates to be combined, built up, customized, and deconstructed in the way we shed layers or attach equipment during long hikes. Garments are equipped with straps for hooking on accessories and tools. A series of hiking-inspired accessories have been created for the collection, including carabiners, compasses, pocket knives, whistles, and carrying cases decorated with lichen and moss picked from the tundra and forest.

Garments are rendered in colours picked from the tundra’s lichen-painted rocks; airy white ramie, linen-hemp blends in lustrous copper and deep textured black, and distinctive horsehair cloth in shimmering ivory stripes and green-and-black herringbone, with shocks of orange and sulphurous chartreuse.

Committed to sustainability, ethical practice, and supporting traditional crafts and culture, Azura Lovisa designs collections that are small, seasonless, and gender fluid. Narratives unfold in interconnected cycles, building a distinctive wardrobe and a rich visual universe that accumulates density with time, returning to signature elements and themes.