Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Up-cycle Your Wardrobe Favourites

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Google searches for ‘repairing clothes’ have increased by 260% as UK consumers are seeking new hobbies, while looking to cut down on their excess spending.
At the moment we have more spare time than before and with warnings over not seeking fast-fashion, and shopping more ethically, now could be the perfect time to experiment with some clever hacks and spruce up your wardrobe as Andy Bojko, from online fashion retailer, Hidepark explains.

Cut, Snip And Reuse

Happen to have an old denim jacket lying around, perhaps the sleeves are a bit worn? You can always ditch them. If you can completely remove the sleeves of a denim jacket for example, this could create a new and original punk inspired denim overlay. One of the best methods to do this is to cut along the seams and then run it through the washing machine, this way it will come out with a tattered vintage look.

Checked, plaid shirts are perfect to upcycle, firstly the materials and patterns are extremely versatile and unlikely to ever go ‘out of fashion’, they are timeless and a wardrobe staple. If you get hold of one that needs some TLC, why not try repurposing it instead? For example, you could turn an old checked shirt into a brand new vintage scarf, skirt, headband or even a coat for a small dog - there’s so many uses in that material.

Trousers, Jeans And Joggers

We all have a pair of jeans that we never wear any more, some suit trousers bought for a job interview that haven’t ever surfaced since. Well, now could be your opportunity to add a bit of life into them. You’re going to need material that has been cut into a ribbon and iron on sticky tape. Match the two up together and pin down the outside of each jean leg, iron until it sticks and as simple as that, a new lease of life in your wardrobe jeans!

T-shirt Tote Bags

Banish plastic bags for good! Yep you don’t necessarily need to upcycle to wear again. If you already have too many bedtime t-shirts and a surplus of those that haven’t fared too well in the washing machine, why not create a handy bag for shopping with? Simply take an old t-shirt, cut away the sleeves and neck. Turn the t-shirt inside out and sew across the bottom. There you have it, a simple and easy bag to get your shopping home, without any plastic!

Memory Blanket

Loads of clothes hoarded that you can’t bear to part with? Maybe a t-shirt you wore to a first date with your partner? Your last shirt from school, or your first freshers bar crawl tee? Well rather than them taking up loads of unnecessary room and gathering dust, why not bring them all together in the form of a memory blanket. You can sew this together or use fusible interlining to hold them all together.

So, there you have it, some quick and simple hacks for your old and worn clothes. Either inject a bit of life and treat yourself to something ‘new’ or continue the fabric’s journey and transform the item into something completely different, with a brand new use! Be sure to consider all of the fabric’s possibilities before condemning it to the recycling bin!