Tuesday, 08 September 2020

Time To Tech Up With Flora Miranda

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Flora Miranda
Society today is driven by technology, we connect over it, we inform ourselves with it, and we put our trust into it. We cannot imagine a world without the internet, tech-tools and gadgets. Technology is a tool of power in our world.

Fashion Designer Flora Miranda asks the question; what does the future of technology hold for us? Who will shape this future? With these questions in her mind, the designer envisaged such a future by playing with different symbols related to female power. What would a female future of technology look like? How do the dangers of power translate to a female world?

We can see throughout history, in fiction and reality, that both leadership and technology - especially when thinking about AI, are prone to misuse. Would a balance of genders lead to a balance of power? With those questions in her head, Flora Miranda created an imaginative world, where the future is female - and where female nerds are the coolest.

The designer imagines a future, where power does not have a gender anymore, where female leadership is not a term of rarity, but associated with responsibility, positivity, and an impactful future. Welcome to the world of broken glass ceilings, where “female” does not apply to women only, where the world is constantly ‘glitching’ between power and empowerment.

The basic structure of the dress designed by Flora Miranda is a classical, body-fitted couture silhouette, made of hand-sewn black silk velvet. It exemplifies the beauty of the manually made couture dress and represents the pure beauty of handcrafted fashion garments.

While being imminently beautiful, it is also tailored to hold the graphical panels, which float in front of the dress like a veil. The panels themselves are manually embroidered with green glass beads creating the look of green particles on the black panel. Singular beads seem to grow from the underground, due to an embellishment of neon green silk particles. There are 15 ‘news cover’ panels in total, and the whole dress is an illustration of excellent manual craftsmanship, making the garment an artisanal masterpiece, charged with the power of 650 hours human handwork.

The dress is made to carry cover dummies of a fake tech-magazine called “Die Führerin”. The magazine covers are headlined with mash-ups of programming language and “real” newspaper titles, such as ‘BASH she did it again’ or ‘Becca stuck in while loop’. Just like the headlines, the cover faces feature women online - the tech-executives in ‘Die Führerin’ are female.

Playing with the German translation of ‘leadress’, the magazine’s name is a conscious reference to the paradox of power, as well as symbol for female leadership. The covers itself reference the Ascii code aesthetic of computer screens in the 1980s, green pixels on black screen.
Each of the 6 covers was created manually as a vector file by Flora Miranda.


Flora Miranda