Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Discover Colorando, By Walter De Silva

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Rather than working seasonally, Italian designer Walter De Silva focuses on creating one collection per year as a way to highlight his slow fashion philosophy and his goal: to create long-lasting, elegant and timeless shoes.

The designer, who went from designing cars to shoes, shows that his knowledge and experience allowed him to merge comfort, style and quality in his work. Indeed, each pair is designed and made in Italy as a limited edition. The weight of the shoe itself (less than 160 grams) makes it one of the lightest shoes on the market.

Born in Lecco, Italy, Walter De Silva first started his career as an industrial designer specializing in the automobile industry. He went on to become an acclaimed designer, working with the most prestigious brands in the world such as Alfa Romeo, Audi and Volkswagen. In 2016, he launched his eponymous brand together with his wife Emmanuelle to pursue his lifelong dream to create quality, elegant footwear for women.

Walter is launching his new footwear collection digitally during Paris Fashion Week. This year - The timeless, elegant shoe brand introduces its Colorando 2021 collection, which reflects the renowned designer’s personal heritage: his maternal grandparents worked as artisans running a small business creating footwear for the Milanese bourgeoisie. Design is not only a passion but runs in the family.

For this collection, Walter De Silva wanted to highlight his best-selling pairs in new materials and colours to create a vibrant world: featuring flats and stilettos, the COLORANDO collection shows the brand's craftsmanship and work inspired by industrial and automobile design. “I consider the configuration of the heel as an architectural element of absolute stylistic innovation; always very tall, slender, it pushes towards the base of the heel and in the opposite direction. Inspired by the harmonic and muscular masses of the ankle, it enhances its sensuous, feminine appeal: Form in motion” - Walter De Silva